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Cultures in Contact: the Anti-Bias Approach
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The training "Cultures in Contact - the Anti-Bias Approach" aims at enabling European youth workers from the field of national and international youth work to use the Anti-Bias-Approach in their various fields of work. The paticipants of the training will be 24 facilitators from the field of national and international non-formal and formal youth education coming from Turkey, Romania, Germany, Slovakia and Poland with different backgrounds wishing to develop their transcultural skills for themselves or in the context of their working specialisation. The Anti-Bias-Approach aims to sensitize for discrimination and to bring a social one-sidedness, that is based on prejudices and power relations, into balance. The approach challenges every form of discrimination and oppression, eg. based on gender, age, ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation. Individual prejudices, positions of power and experiences with discrimination are being seen in the context of social unequalities. The Anti-Bias training is an intensive experience-orientated examination of dominance and discrimination and aim on developing alternatives to oppressive and discriminating forms of communication and interaction. The training consists of two modules. That enables us to really get deeply into the topic. Therefore the participation in both modules is important and obligatory. The place of venue of the first module will be the International Youth Meeting Centre of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe in Poland. The sencond place of venue will be the Trebnitz Castle Education and Exchange Centre close to Berlin. Starting from an intensive self-reflection in the first module, the participants are encouraged to develop their own approach for dealing with prejudices, power relations and discrimination. Within the training we see the various experiences of the participants from different countries as the main resource for developing new perspectives for daily work. One of the main objectives is to transfer the approach to one's own professional and personal context. Between the two modules the participants will be realizing own pracice projects to try out the learned methods and to gather own experiences with the approach. These will be reflected in the second module. The sencond module will have a focus on the meta level of the Anti-Bias methods. In small groups the participants will prepare already known and new methods of the approach and will facilitate them in the group. After the facilitation they will get feedback from the other participants and the experts. This way will give the competence to the participants to use the methodology of Anti-Bias in their own working contextes and to feel sure in evaluating them.

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