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Culture spices for a tasty story
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange “Culture spices for a tasty story” will last for 8 days and it will take place in the town of Milicz in Poland. From 30.05.2015 till 07.06.2015, 30 young people having low or no intercultural experience coming from Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary and Malta will learn about the cultures of participants’ countries through the prism of food and stories that food brings. The project has an idea to promote food as an original source for intercultural learning for young people. Besides enjoying the taste of traditional dishes through food young people can learn about the customs, the traditional way of preparing, food preferences, habits and other elements, which can add to their intercultural learning experience. We also want to collect stories from participants about their local culture, to learn from them and share them after. The main aim of the Youth Exchange is to strength young peoples’ understanding and raise appreciation of their own and others’ culture, to foster mutual understanding and to raise the awareness of cultural diversity between young people from 6 different countries through exploring the connection between tradition, food and storytelling. To realize the main aim, the project developed the following objectives: - To develop intercultural learning environment through food preparation and presentation - To share participants’ culture to the local community through organization of outdoor intercultural events - To create a booklet containing traditional dishes and stories from the participants’ local culture - To develop participants with storytelling competences - To introduce cooking and storytelling as a creative tool for cultural promotion and cultural expression - To stimulate intercultural cooperation where young people from different countries will cook, organize event and create products together. - To present Erasmus Plus Programme to young people and to encourage participation in the possibilities that this Programme brings for intercultural learning The backbone of the YE is non-formal education, and by using experiential learning and collaborative learning approach the intercultural learning experience will be fostered. Participants will be preparing food together during cooking workshops where by learning from each other they discover how make a traditional specialty and at the same time learn about the culture of the country. Moreover they will be involved in storytelling workshops to learn how to express their local culture through a story. As an end result of the YE the recipes of the dishes prepared together with the local stories will be used as a material for the recipe booklet created by participants. The project invited young people from different European regions and give the participants much-needed opportunity to find out about each other. The diversity of the countries will contribute to the understanding that, although we are all different, we are all part of one Europe and we all share common values and can find a common way of communication. Organizations will have a unique intercultural output by participating in the project and they will motivated to use food and storytelling as tools and methods in their future intercultural learning activities. After the youth exchange the participants will be stimulated to take part in other intercultural possibilities, especially the ones that Erasmus PlusProgramme brings.
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