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CuLture , nature And People - meeting points of Lithuania, The Czech Republic and Bulgaria
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In schools we often witness the lessons when teachers use standard teaching methods and academic environment which lead to boredom and lack of interest on the part of students. Considering these problems, the project " CuLture , nature And People - meeting points of Lithuania, The Czech Republic and Bulgaria" promotes non-traditional places and unconventional teaching methods for the lessons: peer-teaching, video conferencing, CLIL, multidisciplinary approach, learning language through doing, research. All this will help pupils learn in much more creative atmosphere, motivate them, catch their attention, develop open personalities, able to possess leadership qualities, knowledge of IT tools, develop English language skills and improve general knowledge. In the project three schools will be involved: Rokiskio Juozo Tumo-Vaizganto gymnasium in Lithuania which is the only gymnasium in Rokiskis town providing secondary education for almost 900 pupils and employing 115 teachers. The administration of gymnasium supports the idea of participating in various European projects. The teachers are eager to cooperate with the colleges from other European schools. Gymnazium Dr. Emila Holuba Holice Na Musce 1110 in The Czech Republic covers two education programmes – 8-year course for the students aged 11-19 and the 4-year course for the 15-19s of age. At present 336 students attend the school. Besides compulsory and optinal subjects there are also lots of extra courses and after-school activities like drama group, drums playing group, school choir, biology group, long and short seminars, and preparatory courses for international language exams. The school cooperates with some partner schools abroad, organises reciprocal tours and projects and excursion tours to foreign countries like England, Germany, France, Spain. Second English Language School "Thomas Jefferson" in Bulgaria takes part actively in European projects. In this school pupils intensively learn foreign languages, especially English. The project's activities are divided into 4 topics: 1. Nature. We will have outdoor lessons in nature, where pupils will explore the surroundings; we will visit the 3 capitals of our countries to record/ take photos of the sights and collect information about the sites of attraction. 2. Culture. We will make traditional dishes, learn traditional songs/dances, participate in educational programmes of museums to learn about non-material heritage of the country, demonstrate Christmas presents and introduce to other traditions during video conferencing. 3. People.We will organise meetings with successful entrepreneurs, visit their companies, develop business plans and implement them. 4. International connections. We will make contacts with the embassies of our counties, visit them, interview the worker of the embassy. We will make presentations about famous people( R. Lyman, J. Basanavicius) who had connections with our countries. To carry out the project we will use: project-based collaboration, peer learning, information activities, surveys and comparative analysis. We have planned to present DVDs with methodology for lessons, illustrative films of lessons, research methods, photos of plants and their descriptions, mini cookery books with recipes to our schools' libraries, local education centres, we believe that good practices of the project might be used by other teachers without any expenses. After the project higher learning motivation will increase by 30%; also, the development of leadership qualities, creativity and responsibility will be strengthened.
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