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Culture et Citoyenneté Européenne pour l'Employabilité

Migrant workers in the European Union are extremely unfamiliar with cultural,citizenship and employment realities in the host country. They have little knowledge ofhow the professional sectors work, or the limitations and the demands of companiesand professions. Their ideas of the social, civic and cultural environment are often out ofstep with the new reality they are about to encounter. They are often unfamiliar with theprofessional vocabulary linked to their business or time management in this newworking environment.This project aims to prepare and facilitate the mobility of workers from one EU state toanother or into the EU from other parts of the world. The objective is to provide vitalknowledge on new patterns of social behaviour, legislation, labour law, specificrequirements and the limitations of some professional sectors and companies in thehost country, as well as the core vocabulary required to perform the planned job.The project focuses on two professional sectors for which it is hard to recruit, particularlyamong young people, and which require or are likely to require workers from other EUMember States, namely cleaning and construction. The tools produced through theproject may then be transferred and adapted to other professions.The project should make it possible to prepare a guide book outlining the information ina simple and easy-to-understand format in the language of the country of origin for eachprofessional sector. Training tools will complement this guide to foster the developmentof two key skills specific to the host country - managing company time, and the basiccore vocabulary related to the sectors in question.The project is aimed partly at host countries to identify the specific features of eachsector and the relevant training content, and partly at the countries of origin to identifyexisting ideas and practices relating to the social and professional contexts of the hostcountry, building appropriate and understandable training tools that have been testedand validated by the beneficiaries.
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