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Culture de l'Europe
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Situated in a rural area, the secondary school Jean Moulin of Moreuil has for public pupils with different profiles, but for who, often, education doesn't make sense and to be open to others is not easy ; having at its disposal stable and motivated staff, this school has then as objective to offer its pupils more possibilities of cultural and european opening, in close connection with the academic curricula.With this aim in view, we wish progressively increase our involvement in European programmes, by using them for increasing awareness, training and enrichment of our school education staff, for integration, in the more or less long term, of partnerships we already have (with a Spanish secondary school which is near Valencia and an other in the County of Durham in England), or for creation of partnerships with other European schools.The project here presented has been made in this state of mind ; it involves voluntary teachers, very invested in the cultural and European projects of the school. This project is linked to the participation in a course which is organized in Spain and whose subject is cultural interactions, in past and present, between European countries and between Europe and neighbouring areas (Mediterranean, Atlantic...) Before this course, the other members of the staff of the school will be informed, and we will come into contact with the other European participants. Before, during and after the course, differents contributions will be made by the participants (usually together) with the help of digital tools and published online in the platform-in-line used by the foundation which provides it. After the course, pupils will be, in the different interventions of the concerned members of staff for them in the school, the object of a increasing awareness about the subjects which will be seen ; the same thing will be done towards the other members of the staff of the school, with furthermore the insistence about procedures, stakes and advantages of the European programmes. This last point will be too developed with professional networks (mainly the network of the French "librarians-teachers" who are one or two in each secondary school in France).All along the process, exchanges in face-to-face or by using online digital tools (emails, collaborative platforms-in-line, social networks...) will be used towards the different partners (in and outside the school) with the view to promote an opened and progressive interactive mode.This project would then get in a short term one or several teams of our school to get involved with European partners in one or several structured projects (partly or totally within the framework of Erasmus+), already existing or in preparation, or which have to be defined (in this last case, the theme of this course would be obviously used as base). More generally, it will allow to promote among all the concerned staff and publics a greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity, and to promote their international opening.
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