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Culture Clash
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Culture Clash: Intercultural dance week is an international exchange project by young dancers from the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Italy. During this project, the participants will share and present their individual experiences, culture and various dance styles. Each group consists of five dancers and a coach. We will disassemble these groups. In each new group there will be someone from each country, so we create mixed groups with different nationalities, dance styles, habits and cultures. Each coach gets a group he or she is going to guide. These groups create a dance performance together, that will be presented on the big stage of Meervaart Theater. This dance performance is not just an act, but it is a sample the cultures and the countries represented in the group. That may be a dance style, habits or even prejudices etc. The participants all have different backgrounds and all have been through different experiences. By taking dance as a basis, we put the participants in their familiar surroundings. Participants will train intensively for a week with each other, so they get to know each other better. In the end, they will have developped be a bond with each other. They all share the same passion, dance and music. The objectives of the project are investigating cultural diversity, working with different nationalities and making participants conscious of the impact of discrimination. The knowledge they gain they take with them to their own country. We aim for further development of an international network of young, entrepreneurial dancers and their various organizations to work on a future collaboration and projects. By organizing this cultural exchange project in Amsterdam, by giving and attending workshops and by making the participants an integral part of all activities, we believe we can encourage personal development of the participants and can make them share experiences so that the momentum will grow during the activities. Organizing the final presentation aims to develop the participants in organizational / production-level and will be a visible example of the progress made by participants during the workshop. Duration of exchange: 7 days program Location: Amsterdam Country: Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Sweden and Poland Number of participants: 6 per country, 36 total activities: The project consists of street performances that are prepared by the participants in their own countries. These street performances will the visibility of the project. Workshops are organized for local youth that are given by the participants. During the project there will be time for group discussions on cultural differences and similarities, future plans and prospects. Every day will end with an evaluation of the experiences of that day and of the project in general. Besides visiting several museums, a sightseeing boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam divers cultural visits and other social activities will be part of the program.
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