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The project will be conducted in the partnership of six EU secondary schools. The aim of the project is to help the students be aware of the cultural prosperity and their own identity in the era of technology in which traditional and cultural values are ignored and the young face cultural degeneration. With this project we aim to unite the cultural heritages with technology. As the consequence, it should help the students know their own identity and characteristics and transfer them to the following generations. Thanks to this, the students will be grown up as whole individuals besides their academic capabilities.The project will consist of the following stages:-Searching and analyzing the current cultural values-Information exchange -Forming web-site-Preparing a booklet which can also be used in English, history or culture lessonsThe project will be realized by large groups of students from different grades, will be included into existing school curriculum and will be run in history, culture and English lessons. The project will be focused on cultural values. For instance, historical buildings; such as, traditional historical houses, markets or other traditional buildings; and lifestyles in these buildings in addition to the traditional ceremonies held in these buildings as well. In conclusion,national, cultural and cross-cultural awareness will be aroused among the young and they will have the opportunity of getting better know each other's culture and will find out who they have been and thus they will discover the traces of EU identity. The outcome of the project will be disseminated through internet and multi-media.

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