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Cultural pot
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project "Cultural pot" initiated by youth of Musninkai rural community. Xenophobia, racism, intolerance, hatred, discrimination, these words are heard everywhere - through media channels in society and among friends. Lithuania is a quite long time in European Union, but these problems we can observe everywhere in European countries as well. After borders of European Union countries’ were opened people began to migrate extensively and as consequence of that constantly tensions between different cultures, religions are felt. Populaces of cities are more or less used to meet, see foreigners from abroad, but in rural areas we can notice that local people have many prejudges against people from different cultures and especially different religions. By implementing this project we expect that youth will break stereotypes and won’t have prejudices against different cultures and religions any more. We hope that during this project participants will be able to learn from each other, will be able to use and adopt this knowledge in their daily lives and that this project will broaden their cultural horizons. We hope that this project will help young people to become active and conscious citizens of multicultural European society. Project aims to fight against xenophobia, racism, discrimination locally and in Europe. Project "Cultural pot" also aims to promote tolerance, mutual understanding, cultural dialogue. During the project 20 participants from Lithuania, Turkey, Italy and Spain are going to create an interactive performance on issues such us xenophobia, racism, discrimination and try to find solutions for this problems which will be expressed in artistic way. Project will be implemented in Musninkai rural community and will include youth with disadvantages. During the project many activities based on non formal education will be used: discussions, meetings, presentations, workshops, creative activities, presentations of cultural dances, songs and cultural evenings and performances. Project outcomes: : an interactive cross-cultural performance, face-book group and blog, youth will publish information about the project, achieved results, video / photos presentation of racism, xenophobia, discrimination examples in each partner country, interested participants also will be able to communicate, to express their ideas via blog access, DVD with each partner country's cultural - religious presentations and material from interactive performance, which will be divided to participants in local communities, because we want that information of the project will reach young people in rural areas who do not have access to Internet. After this project we hope that youth will get useful skills and knowledge how to fight and deal with issues related to project's topic. We hope that project will affect their thinking which might was not really tolerant towards outlanders. We hope that after this project youth will be able easily to develop cultural dialog with foreigners. During this project organizations will create a partnership net which will be used for future projects and common cooperations.
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