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"CULTURAL MAKERS. Intercultures, youth and active citizenship"
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the project origins from a precise need: involve partners from UE and Extra-UE that works in the youth field to deal with issues of active citizenship, prevention of exclusion, interculturalità and peace. In the project “CULTURAL MAKERS. Intercultures, youth and active citizenship” are involved 7 Programm Countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Finnland and Lithuania; and 3 Partner Countries: Russian Federation, Ukraine and Georgia. Gathering in the project partners from so different realities shows the clear will to establish a common dialogue based on tollerance and building relationships between youth, in order to promote peace and International cooperation. All the countries involved are facing economic, employment crisis and conflicts based on ethnic and religious issues. In this problematic frame-work, that produces various kind of social exclusion (conflicts, suicides, alienation) how can the Youth workers and youth participants in this project ouline inclusive solutions and effective answers? Which instruments do the youth need to consider themselfes as a active subject in the set up local and european policy? How could cultural differences became essential to build a real International cooperation? Within the project “CULTURAL MAKERS" we would like to establish a setting and a opportunity of debate and discussion between youth and youth workers to develop common and incisive answers to these questions. The project will be a Youth Exchange in Pisa (Italy) from 6th till 15th novembre 2015 (8 activity days and 2 travel days) involving 50 participants: 1 youth leader and 4 youth participants from each organisation. An Advance Planning Visiti in Pisa is necessary due to the project complexity and to the heterogeneus partnership from 8th till 11th september 2015 and will involve 20 participants (1 youth leader and 1 youth from each organisation). The organisations involved in the project are: - SMART (ITALY) - ICEHEART (FINNLAND) - ICPI (GEORGIA) - UNESCO (GREECE) - ACTIVUS JAUNIMAS (LITHUANIA) - OFENSIVA TINERILOR (ROMANIA) - SFERA (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) - PINA (SLOVENIA) - BUILDING BRIDGES ( SPAIN) - UYC (UKRAINE) The objectives of the project “CULTURAL MAKERS” are: - promoting youth protagonism, active citizenship and participation, analizing how EU policy can foster shared planning youth oriented; - fostering interculturality as instrument of cooperation, inclusion and tearing down marginalisation; - spreading EU democratic values to strenghten equality, social justice and individual freedom. The methodologies used will be non-formal-education activities as: working in small groups, network metodologies, ecological-systemical approach, oppressed theatrical techniques, community development techniques. The project foresees the following outcomes and impacts: - promoting the encounteer between youth from different cultures, to tear down stereotypes, intollerance, foste ring the value of democracy, respect and tollerance; - involving youth with fewer oppotunities in a european mobility experience focused on inclusion and empowerment of competences. - building an International network to plan and design new future projects under Erasmu Plus Program.
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