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Cultural Integration on the New Frontiers of the EU (Cultural Neighbourhood)

During the whole project period the direct municipality-to-municipality networks will plan and implement joint cultural events exchanges and theatre shows which will take place at different locations in the region in order to expose the inhabitants to the cultures of their neighbouring peoples. Furthermore all project partners are planning a joint common cultural festival to be held in Aluksne giving publicity to the cultural cooperation and creating the awareness among the citizens.The partners of the project are all local authorities (municipalities districts or oblast - in the case of partner from Pskov it is the Folk creativity centre of Pskov province) in the border region. Achievements: Progress reportThe purpose of this project was to promote cultural understanding and cooperation among the inhabitants through discovering and re-discovering of the traditions, culture and history of the bordering countries. The project partnership of local authorities aimed at giving the ordinary citizens exposure to their neighbouring peoples cultures, thus revived cultural exchange.The project partners - the cultural departments of the participating municipalities from Latvia, Estonia and Russia, and their art groups - during the third or last reporting periods strenghtened in first two reporting periods established networks and contacts among themselves. Result of that is strengthened sustainable cross-border cooperation in the field of culture in the region. In last project period several joint cultural events took place at different locations in the region. All partners participated in 2 Coordination meetings - 1 in Pechory and Pskov in April, and 1 in Aluksne district, Polva and Voru counties in June; in 2 Training seminars, which were coinciding to these meetings and also all partners took part in Project Closing conference. In last period there were also 8 small cultural events: in April - Folklore festival in Haanja, in May - Spring festival in Laheda, Song and Dance festival in Trapene and Ziemeri Municipality festival, in July - Misso Municipality festival and Travelling exhibition in Varstu, in August - Travelling exhibition in Ape and Song and dance day in Ape. Also in the end of project there was organised project closing conference in Aluksne and press conference in Pechory. All partners has established very good relationships with their direct partners of project and all activities and events went as planned, partners organised events in municipalities and informed about that Lead Partner who overlooked how it went. All of project partners during the project purchased planned investments and thus improved their culture houses by small repair works, visual look for folk groups by new costumes, performances by new musical instruments or events by new sound equipment.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Estonia - Latvia - Russia (EE-LV-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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