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Cultural Fusion: Finding a common language
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

Cultural Fusion is an arts & culture youth exchange that will take place in Georgia. The YE will last for 8 days. 32 participants and 2-4 group leaders will come together from 2 EU countries and 2 Partner countries in the Caucasus.The project aims to create an environment where participants move beyond the cultural / national boundaries which divide them while finding new ways of interacting and cooperating through amateur art (song/dance/drama/mime). They will find common ways of communicating with each other, despite the fact that they all speak different languages. The theatre play / musical that the participants will be producing together, is one of the methods which will help them to learn more about each other. Non-formal learning will be the main method used to create a cultural fusion. There will be 4 days dedicated to the culture of the participating countries. During a particular day the participants of one country will have to present their culture to the others through various creative methods - song / dance / games etc. The other participants will be involved and therefore will learn the about other culture in a “hands-on” way. The day will finish with a cultural evening related to that country. In this way the participants will learn about each other’s cultures in a fun & interactive way. The exchange has the following objectives: Celebrating diversity -To learn about each other in order to build a community based on common values of respect, tolerance, equality of opportunity / Raising intercultural awareness / Establishing a youth activity open for participants with fewer opportunities.
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