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“Cultural differences in Europe - an opportunity for using synergic effects in lifelong methodical learning.
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This partnership is formed by four secondary education schools, where interculturality and language learning are key issues. There is a lack of motivation and self-esteem in learning, and behavior problems, that can lead to abandon their studies. Our aims are: 1. To engage and motivate them with new methodological approaches based on the positive side-effect that are brought by the integration of other cultures in their curriculum that leads to synergies and to the enrichment of their culture and knowledge. 2. To develop skills (basic and transversal) described skills such as entrepreneurship, digital and language learning skills. 3. To encourage language learning and thus keep learners motivated to study English and make them aware of the importance of learning a foreign language as a mean of communication between persons of different cultures Our target group will not be only the secondary students but also school teachers who will be able to strengthen their profile by: -Making a deep analysis of our educational systems, our teaching/learning methods, its strengths and weaknesses; - Sharing learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches on language skills, digital skills, and communicative skills. From this dialogue will emerge good practices. In the frame of this Strategic Partnership we will organize two transnational staff meetings which will be devoted among many other things, to agree the working plan of the partnership and eight short-term teaching-training mobilities ( four exchange of pupils and four joint staff trainning event) . Final staff meeting will be via skype. There will be three different types of activities within in each mobility: Cultural activity, teaching/treaning semminar and students workshop. The Strategic Partnership will develop a wide and flexible range of activities that the teachers will develop with their students in their schools and also through the use of eTwinning. Each school will lead one of the management committee, and will be formed by teachers and students , who in turn, will lead this committee in their home school. The roles and tasks in this project have been decided according to the aims of the project and the partners’ strengths . Each partner will have tasks related to the project management and tasks related to the methodological programme The partners will use the eTwinning site to collaborate on developing the project activities, discuss and share resources. Pupils will write a collaborative blog where they post pictures and updates on project activities, as well as opinions and reflections on the topics they are working on. The results developed by this partnership are: a logo , a set of multiple intelligences and type of learning exercises, a blog of the project, videos, teacher seminars, worshops, fair PPTS, etc. In order to give a further practical dimension to our work, the final stage will consist on the composition of a booklet on methods for lifelong learning. This booklet that will be developed with methodological and training material for lifelong learning will be based on the seminars and training workshops made by students and teachers along the project. The activities developed by the partnership will have a relevant impact on students and teachers, and to some extent, on school community and in cultural organizations, as well as on local and regional educational associations. The project has been planned and will use a systematic approach closely aligned with the dissemination and valorization strategy to ensure that the impact of project results and findings continue to have a contributing effect long after project funding conclude.

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