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Cultural bridge – Bela Palanka and Etropole
Start date: Jan 20, 2013, End date: Jan 20, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project envisages development of a joint performance based on joint amateur and master classes as an exchange in Bela Palanka and in Etropole. The project will give possibility of over 250 local amateur and professional artists to communicate through the universal language of art and present a common performance including all arts practices in the two municipalities. The performance will be shot and multiplied on DVDs which will be spread in the cultural centres from the entire border region. The current project would be of great favour for the two communities in order to deal with their historical conflicts, stereotypes and prejudices. This project aims to manage with these problems by arising the interest to the neighbour with its tradition, customs, culture, art and way of living. This would help in breeding understanding and tolerance in the border region. In addition, the current project will work for building strong partnership between the citizens of Etropole and Bela Palanka. The idea of the two towns being twins is already spread and the project will be a further step for increasing the public support for this important cross-border cooperation. This will bring higher mobility as a result and will strengthen the connection between the two communities. This means that the project would help people, especially the youth, to overcome their social isolation, bring the communication to a higher level and help them exchange experience and culture Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results:- Organization of 3 cross-border exchange and performance rehearsal visits: in Bela Palanka during the period 06-11.07.2013 for 60 guests from Bulgaria; in Etropole during the period 26-29.06.2013 for 62 people from Serbia; and in Etropole during the period 09-15.09.2013 for 5 guests from Serbia;- Organization of a joint performance in Etropole on the 13.09.2013. The performance was held in the hall of Community centre “Todor Peev 1871”. 112 Serbian performers and 9 officials from Serbia participated at the joint performance. All artistic groups from Community Centre Todor Peev took part at the joint performance. Around 400 spectators attended the event - media, officials, local public.- Organization of a Joint performance in Bela Palanka on 10.08.2013 for the Banitsa day on summer scene in the park Vrelo. 137 Bulgarian performers and 6 officials from Bulgaria participated at the joint performance. Artistic groups from JP Cultural centre took part at the joint performance. More than 800 spectators looked on the event - media, officials, local public. The whole summer theatre was full (800 seats) and 1 screen was situated in front of the entrance of the summer theatre and more people looked on the joint performance.- Production of a video recording of the performance and multiplication of DVDs. Total of 2000 DVDs have been produced and distributed.The project was successfully completed in January 2014.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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