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Cultural Awareness and Social Skills Key Competences in Tourism
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European Parliament and the Council of 18.12.2006 recommended a European Framework for Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. This European Reference Framework (ERF) identifies and defines for the first time the 8 Key Competences (KC) that citizens require for their personal fulfillment, social cohesion, active citizenship and employability in a constantly changing world of work and need to be instilled at all stages of education and training (Official Journal of the European Union L394). CS.Tour project, contributing to the development of a European Area of Skills and Qualifications, is using innovative methods to give real opportunities for those already working or considering a career in the Tourism Industry, to Learn, Certify and Maintain the following two (2) European Reference Framework Key Competences (KC): KC No 6 : “Social & Civic Competence” and KC No 8: “Cultural Awareness & Expression” The core skills of SOCIAL COMPETENCE include the ability to communicate constructively in different environments, to show tolerance, express and understand different viewpoints, to negotiate with the ability to create confidence, and to feel empathy while CULTURAL AWARENESS is the foundation of communication and it involves the ability of standing back from ourselves and becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. Personal, interpersonal and intercultural competence cover all forms of behaviour that equip individuals to participate in an effective and constructive way in social and working life. Understanding other cultures and contexts within a constantly increasing level of globalization within Tourism industry, sets a solid basis for successful customer interactions, including how to manage a culturally diverse workforce. Tourism, brings individuals and human communities into contact, and through them cultures and civilizations, has an important role to play in facilitating dialogue among them. Becoming aware of our cultural dynamics is a difficult task because culture is not conscious to us . This project investigates the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed and the strategies for improving Social Competence and Cultural awareness acquisition by bringing together Vocational Education and Training and Business in the tourism sector. Nine (9) partner organizations from 5 different EU countries (Greece, Spain, UK, Sweden & Cyprus), all involved in Human Resource development and support services to tourism and hospitality sector, have joined forces through the CS.Tour project consortium in order to research to identify and analyze needs and barriers of stakeholders involved in the tourism and hospitality sector in relation to KCs 6 and 8. A Comparative Transnational Report will detect geographical particularities in the tourism sector regarding KCs 6 and 8 that will guide to the development of innovative training solutions. Based on the result of National & Transnational Report the consortium will DEVELOP, PILOT TEST, EVALUATE and FINALIZE for KC 6 & KC 8 the following Intellectual Outputs : 1. a Modular Training curriculum, 2. a Trainees Syllabus, 3. an open E- platform with learning material and training resources, 4. an online pre-assessment tool that will define the individual training need and path 5. a complete Methodological Guide for the Trainers to empower achievement in basic skills through more effective teaching methods and 6. a Trainers Toolkit for teaching these Key Competences basic and transversal skills using innovative training Techniques 7. a complete Accreditation Scheme for Certifying KCs 6 and 8 according to European Qualifications Framework Finally, negotiating the complexity of cultural diversity is a life-long learning task that is relevant to the world of work, the community and in european contexts. The Certification proposed on these two Key Competences by the CS.Tour project covers a wide number of topics, and especially for those intending to enter a career in tourism, there’s nothing more important than learning how to interact well with a diverse range of individuals.

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