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Cultural and ecological exchange Scotland
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is one to inspire the participants to think outside the box, to see there is a different way of living and respecting an other environment than they are used to. They will see the beautiful nature of Scotland. One day walking through the Pentland Hills regional park, the other kajaking on one of Scotland beautiful lakes and seiling along its vast coastline, meeting all kinds of interesting people. Experiencing the fragility but also the strength of mother nature. This all done by living with participants with different cultures, but with mutual interests. The Major theme of our project consists of a mixture between ecological and cultural differences.The purpose of the camp will be that the participants will return home, with new ideas considering environment, cultural differences and lifestyles of the EU countries. Applying the environmental at home, talking about them with friends, to get a better, cleaner Europe.The Project itself we will be providing activities such as Cultural city games in the city of Edinburgh, seiling in the sea to see the environmental differences, Cooking together with each others regional recepies, sleeping together in tents. Participating in team games and learning from each other about the ecological preferences of the group. So this can be compared and the participants will discover all the sides of being ecological. We are a local scouting group from Belgium consisting of 23 members between the ages of 14 and 17. Our impact will concern mostly how our participants feel about other cultures in the EU. Also about the ecological aspects of the earth. The participants will learn to engage in other cultural lifestyle. Flexibility (variations in schedules because of weather conditions, etc) will be enriching to their adult lifes. Friendships that they will built, will give them a positive attitude towards fellow Europeans. This will teach them valuable social qualities. The impact that we hope to achieve is that the Scottish participants will get a more complete vision of Belgium and more specifically of Flanders. They will most know Flanders from the Flanders Fields, but our region is more than that. We have vast cultural herritage, dating back from the late Middle Ages.
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