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Cuidando y embelleciendo Europa
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our centre, CIP FP Batoi, is a Public Vocational Training High School (what they call Further Education in Britain). We offer professional training on Restoration – Cookery and Hospitality, Health Service, Beauty Care and Hairdressing, and Community Services, amongst other degrees. We intend to train our students by giving them a multi-purpose formation with an international nature. We need to bear in mind that tourism is an important sector in both our region and country. That’s why we try to improve the students’ professional and linguistic competences in order to find a job. This way, we intend to give our centre an international character as well throughout co-operation with other European vocational training high schools. This could be taken as a distinction from other educational centres. Therefore, the beneficiaries of this project would be the students who are studying an intermediate vocational diploma on Restoration – Cookery and Hospitality, Beauty Care and Hairdressing, Community Services – Caregiving for Dependent People, and Health Service – Nursing Assistant. The project is thought to last for two years. Twenty-four students would be granted with academic mobility: twelve students for the school year 2015-16, and twelve more for 2016-17. Those students from the Beauty Care and Hairdressing (four mobilities / year), and the Restauration families(two mobilities / year), granted with academic mobility, would be training for five weeks in different beauty salons, restaurants and hotels in the French town of Angoulême – town with a big tourist feature due to its medieval fortification. They would also enjoy the regional culture in this town, unique and well-known in France. They would stay with local host families. Thus, the students would be in touch with the French customs and traditions and would live a real cohabitation so that they would be able to go deep into the French culture and language. Our colleagues in Angoulême would follow up their training as well as their final assessment. They would also give them support in case of any trouble or doubts. Furthermore, the Nursing Assistant (three mobilities / year) and the Community Service students (three mobilities / year) would carry out their training in the public company “Istituto Pubblico di Assistenza e Beneficenza”. The students would stay in apartments in the same town, their integration, monitoring, assesment and advicing being carried out by the "Asociacion para la promoción de proyectos educativos y formativos de Europa", non-profit association willing to strengthen the academic-professional mobilities. Our school is not just trying to promote the students mobilities. We are also trying to promote our teachers mobilities. Our aim is to have a rate of 5% amongst both our teachers and students. That's why we would like to start a job-shadowing project with three different teachers from our centre in the Finnish region of Oulu. Their stay would be for a period of two weeks in August so that the teachers would not miss their classes. We need to take into account that August is not a holiday period in Finland. It would be a great opportunity to open our doors to Europe and to improve our educational competences in our classrooms, and consequently in our school. The aim of this project is the students’ improvement on language and vocation to make it easier for them to get a job in the future either as self-employed or as an employee. What is more, our goal is to motivate students both to learn other languages and to improve their training career. The selection would be done according to their academic record and a preliminary test on languages. The impact on the students is their professional improvement, whereas the impact on the teachers is an extensive implication in the development of these mobility programmes. In fact, they will gain more professional knowledge on teaching techniques and languages. The impact on the High School is to get an international signature, a prestige signature for those who intend to study Beauty Care and Hairdressing, Restauration, Health Care, and Community Services.
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