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Start date: Aug 15, 2016, End date: Aug 14, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Power of points:A very pointed conductor has a large charge concentration at the point, which polarize the particies around the point. The electric field is very strong at the point and can exert a force large enough to transfer charge on or off the conductor. This way makes the top point of lightning rod a discharge and generate around itself the huge energy of lightning. In our project we host two european young volunteers. They will have this point effect: they will make the youngsters out of their indiferentism, encourage them, give dynamism, which generates powerful energy around them.One of the main aim of the project to raise new energies in the youth life of Kápolnásnyék and other regions of the Lake Velence. The two volunteers will take part the association as a eurodesk point to reach the local youngsters. With the nearby schools we organise “voluntary teahouses” also méta championships. To involve the local youngsters the volunteers can provide their creativity. We prepare them to be able organise independently energisers and team building dramapedagogical games on the programes. The result, many local teenager join informal youth community of The Rainbow Tribe. Through this community we can share widely the possibilities provided by the European Union: participation on youth exchanges, evs project, study in abroad etc. In between the skills and knowledge of the volunteers and also the involved youngsters are developing along the main values and topics of the Rainbow Tribe: sustainable living, cultural diversity, involve disadvantaged and roma youngsters, healthy lifestyle, environmental consciousness, tolerance, traditional sports and handcrafts. The volunteers can have experiences with the clans of the Tribe which live in children homes. Their presence help a lot for the sake of the participation and integration of disadvantaged youngs. The Rainbow Tribe Non-Profit Association build and develop the network of the "clans" in different orphaneges since 2007. The staffs of the association are teachers who have many experiences in the youth field: youth exchanges, local initiative, also in children's homes. They can give a professional support for the volunteers.This "point effect" of the volunteers which develop a community will be also a base for active civic participation of the involved local young people.We prepare the volunteers in the beginning of the project for the main goals, topics and results of the Rainbow Tribe. Also for the tasks in the eurodesk office. During the project step by step with the help of the experts they figure out their roll, tasks in the office, in the children's homes, and also on the programs which aim to involve the local youngsters. During these activities they get to know the Hungarian culture, develop their communication skills. They become more tolerant, and sensitive for the problems of youngsters with learning difficulties under state care and also the problems of roma youngsters. Because they get to know the life in the children's home, the behaviors of disadvantaged children. Also they get experiences how to lead games and programs for these young people. They will understand the importance of sustainability, and find possibly answer for this problem. After their evs project they return to home with international relationships, friends as young adults who can take a social responsability, are able to act for the community, and who are self confident and active even far from home!
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