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Cruising Oceans On Latitudes above 51º North (Cool Route)
Start date: Jun 2, 2015, End date: Jun 1, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description (EN): The project investigates all aspects of the practical logistics and business potential to establish a bi-directional yacht cruising route along the offshore areas of the Northern Periphery Area, stretching from the South of Ireland, to the UK (Northern Ireland and Western Scotland) on onwards to Norway. As an eco-tourism product, exploiting the natural resources of the zone in a  manner that is sustainable and environmentally viable; this new sea route will be marketed internationally and will have a common branding, booking and information system. The objective of the project is to produce a Business and Marketing Plan, together with a Commercialisation Plan and accompanied by a Logistical Study and Practical Guide for potential entrepreneurs in the NPA zone, for the establishment of small mooring, berthing and ancillary facilities-such as shower blocks and laundry facilities for cruising yachts in remote NPA coastal areas; providing new market opportunities in sectors such as Tourism and Catering, Craft Production, Food, Marine and General Engineering Services, for remote local communities, mainly during the months of mid-April to mid-October. These opportunities will importantly also promote economic activity and interaction between communities across the programme area.  Expected Results (EN): Awareness of business opportunities beyond local markets among SMEs Expected Outputs (EN): The main project result will be the production of a detailed Logistical Plan and a detailed Business and marketing Plans for the development of a new product in the Northern periphery and Artic Region viz. The Cool Route.These addressing the logistical aspects, financial and marketing and commercialisation aspects of the Route, coupled with the design and realisation of an integrated IT based booking system for moorings, berths and charter yachts-together with other local ancillary tourism and service related facilities, will provide a turnkey opportunity for potential business investment in the development of the Cool Route.In particular, from the perspective of the programme results indicators the project will significantly heighten awareness of business opportunities beyond local markets, which can be achieved by facilitating the external clients to come to the regions of the NPA as high spending tourists, with access independent of public or other means of mass transport. In the development of the main results, the project will undertake very wide spread interactions with different types of stakeholders and in particular is designed to:(a) Identify all of the potential Cool Route harbours, either with existing facilities or which have the potential to provide facilities. These facilities either existing or recommended to be developed, will range from marinas, to small pontoons, to mooring buoys, all augmented by onshore facilities such as toilet, shower and laundry facilities. (b) Catalogue and engage with all existing facility operators and disseminate information to potential new operators throughout the identified Cool Route.(c) Develop typical specimen design plans for various types of facilities, based on industry best practices. (d) Develop overarching Business and Marketing Plans as well as a Commercialisation Plan for a single NPA wide Cool Route Branded network with an online single transnational booking system.(e) Design and realise the online booking system(f) Engage with all key institutional stakeholders on the Cool Route such as sailing/cruising associations, regional tourism bodies, local authorities, social enterprises, fishermen and agricultural cooperatives, national coastguards and SAR organisations(g) Select a pilot area within the partner regions for trialling marketing materials and the booking system (h) Examine best practices in other regions for transfer to the NPA Cool Route. Given the extent of the route, a very wide level of engagement and therefore awareness raising of the potential of this innovative proposal is expected. While estimating numbers is difficult we expect that the number of stakeholders to be engaged with, will number in the high hundreds. It is difficult to quantify numbers or indeed who all the stakeholders will be but for example, the development of a long cruising route will lead to frequent crew changes- one yacht can generate demand for up to 20 Air Tickets in a month..
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