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Crossing the Divide

The Bilateral Partnership Project “ Crossing the Divide” has been prepared to encourage pupils’ improvement and creativity in useful adult life skills. The activities ensuring the completion of the project will be connected with core curriculum subjects, such as ICT, Mathematics, Science, as well as Humanities, and Arts – with a particular emphasis on Modern Foreign Languages. At the same time, the partners will prove that the learning can be conducted in attractive scenery and involve some fun elements and sport competition. The assumptions of the project are to implement and assess teaching and learning methods developed through the exchange of partners’ experiences. After evaluating the effectiveness of the fore mentioned methods, the partnership will publish a booklet for both teachers and pupils. Within the project pupils undertake a set of different tasks and find out more about history, culture and heritage of both countries. The partners believe that the interaction between pupils will help them to understand the cultural similarities but also the differences across Europe. They will look in details on the situation of Polish migrants’ children at British schools. Communication between the partners will be based on using available ICT devices and technologies.

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