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Crossing the borders with EVS
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

Group EVS project " Crossing borders with EVS" will be performed in two countries- Sweden and Uganda. We want to exchange in general six EVS volunteers during the year. Volunteers from Uganda will work withing two projects in Åmål, Sweden. Project at Södra skolan is aimed at working for a solidarity among the pupils by bringing the positive energy to the school and by making practical workshops, theme days etc. the volunteers are supposed to fight against discrimination, teach pupils how to treat their camrates and at the same time learn themselves how to become more patient and tolerant towards others. The main tasks of the volunteers will be to assist both in-door and out-doors activities for children in order to create meaningful spending of time for them. Volunteers will also be a helping hand in working to improve a media centre at school with a small library, Internet and computers. Another EVS project wil take place in SAMVERKET which is a meeting place for people with different opportunities and needs, such as elderly, weak, lonley people, immigrants.Working at SAMVERKET the volunteers from Uganda will get in contact with people who have difficulties in their everyday life, people that are struggling for a normal life. Here the volunteers will be an extra helping hand and a complement to the society- Since Samverket's main objective is social inclusion, the EVS volunteers will get the most important-practical experience in preventing exclusion, isolation of vulnerable persons in societyln Uganda, Manafwa because of the lack of teachers stuff not so much attention is given to pupils' physical education and health care. International volunteers will work as an extremely valuable resource to foster physical culture and to promote healthy lifestyle among the children by making outdoor and indoor activities on regular basis. Due to Ugandan project the focus will be set on the various games and exercises where the children get the chance to strengthen their bodies, exercise mind and thus, develop themselves both physically and mentally.Working under the theme of education through sport and outdoor activities and social inclusion, the volunteers in Åmål and Manafwa also will make information days and create promotion materials for children at school locally and for general public and youth regionally in order to foster the idea of equality and anti-discrimination.

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