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Cross-curricular educational approach endeavor in a border-less Europe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The general objective proposed and achieved has been the implementation of cross-curricular approach into didactic process of primary&secondary educational level, in order to enhance student’s motivation and engagement, the holistic understanding of concepts, of real-life situations of learning and, finally, to sustain the learning process. The specific aims proposed and achieved are: a)to contribute, for long term, to the sustainable development of society by the improvement of education and of life quality in local community b)to contribute, for short and middle term, at the improvement of education for the both region through the new attitude, knowledge, competences of students and of teachers regarding the educational approach c)to build educational approaches for students, teachers, local community members who are part of the target group, in terms of cross-curricular education d)to form to target group the skills and habits regarding the cross-curricular education through the contribution of different educational factors in educational activities e)to manage the quality and efficiency of free time for students, youth and adults engaging in actions to research different links between fields where can find a phenomenon/concept/situation. The project has been based on following problems, identified in our institutional strategies and who gave the project idea: a)to help the students to reach their potential through the value of multiple intelligence b)to realize the link between different local and European institutions and association, through didactic activities, conferences, seminars etc regarding the cross-curricular approach in education (benefits, tools, methods) c)to realize the self-evaluation of students, teachers, local communities and authorities regarding the key competences developed d)to give adaptive feedback from educational field e)to use the online resources and on-line tools for dissemination f)to share the specific creative/formative educational method for the sustainable development through cross-curricular activities. The partner institutions of this regional partnership have identified a common need: to promote the cross-curricular approach in educational activities, as modality to link the theory to the practice and the different curricular fields and, additionally, to value the main emotional intelligence of our students. The students from disadvantaged category (with disabilities/educational difficulties, at the risk of educational failure and school abandon) have needed to be motivated regarding their participation at educational system. We have found that the school needed to be closer to the local community in learning/teaching process. We have needed to propose new methods and tools in learning/teaching process. For these, the project activities have implemented the training piloting sessions of this innovative methods for 36 Romanian and 83 Turkish teachers from schools involved in they implementation. The partnership, between 2 institutions from Maramures county (Romania) and Osmaniye region (Turkey) are realized in order to support the implementation of the project & to disseminate its results. From each region have participated one school and one institution with interest in educational field. Each partner has been responsible for project implementation; the coordination is the Romanian partner. The direct beneficiaries (from entire category of target group) are constituted by 60 teachers, 800 students from primary+secondary level, 24 school inspectors, representative from local authorities, parents. The project propose managerial activities assured by transnational project team. Each partner have a managerial team. The project proposes 4 transnational meetings (48 mobilities). During the implementation, we have recorded 4 intellectual output: IO1-practical Guide of cross-curricular teaching&learning activities on 100 DVDs&on Facebook, IO2-optional course, IO3-managerial study, IO4-teachers training course support. Other results from: administrative&financial documents, monitoring/evaluation/dissemination activities. The project evaluation has been realized as quantitative and qualitative aspect, through direct observation, feed-back as evaluation methods. The dissemination has been realized through poster, 800 ex. leaflet, PowerPoint presentations, local meetings, project Facebook, webpage of partner institutions, 3 presentations in media. The add value at EU level through the didactic method centered to needs, aspirations and possibilities of learners. The impact is for short&middle&long term for students and teachers. The educational experience are transferable and opportune for others. The sustainability is assured through the possibility of exploitation of project results in future. The training activities are an investment in human resource and this sustains the durable development. It adds a cultural awareness through the activities from our countries.
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