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Cross Continents through Culture
Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

The main aim of this EVS project is the exchange of cultures between European countries, Latin American and African countries, raising European awareness and fighting against prejudice against foreigners. The project will contribute to personal and professional development of the volunteers with the aim to find a job in the future as well as help the people from local communities to become more open and tolerant towards foreigners, people with disabilities or people anyhow different from them. The activities of the volunteers vary depending on the host organisation. Genearally, the volunteers will work with children and youth - organise workshops, awareness activities, cultural and sport clubs, creative arts, information and presentation activities about EVS and Youth in Action ProgrammeThe project builds on previous good cooperation between all partners within EVS, trainigs and youth exchanges. The methods of work follow the principles of non-formal education. There are the following Activities under this project: 1. CEDAM, Uruguay will host Barbora Bellovičová, Monika Opálová, Zuzana Šebejová, Marcela Madová (all sent by KERIC, Slovakia) and Blandine Bisch (sent by Mission Locale de Villerurbanne, France) for 12 months. 2. CADIF, Kenya will host Anna Bartošová and Barbora Milová (sent by KERIC) for 8 months. 3. Moneague College, Jamaica, will host Iveta Vighová for 8 months. 4. KERIC, Slovakia, will host Walker (CADIF, Kenya) and Hendel (ACI, Costarica) for 12 months 5. ACI, Costarica will host Anna Balogová (KERIC, Slovakia) for 12 months. 6. ASPAT, Lavras, Brasil will host Zdenko Somorovský (KERIC, Slovakia), Rosangela Coti (INCO, Italy), Inese Saknite (Red, Latvia) for 12 months.
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