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Cross Border Volunteering for Social Change
Start date: 18 Dec 2012,

The training course Cross Border Volunteering for Social Change aims at developing the competence of youth workers youth leaders, multipliers and volunteers about the impact of cross-border volunteering on the multicultural local communities, i.e. both in the hosting and sending society. Participants will explore how to increase the visibility of the Youth in Action programme by making current volunteers more visible in their hosting community and underlining their positive input and gain from intercultural communication. In other words, combating prejudice and negative views on foreigners by promoting the initiative of young Europeans and a positive image of experiencing new cultures. But no less important is to support participants in how they could in the future optimize the outcome of a European volunteering experience both for their homecoming volunteers and their society as a whole. They will explore ways to demonstrate to their own community that volunteering in Europe produces responsible and active citizens contributing to their society and bringing back their intercultural experience. The training course will take place in Kutaisi Georgia from 21 March to 29 March 2013 and will bring 20 participants coming from Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy,Moldova, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and Turkey.A broad range of methods will be used such as workshops, inputs, simulations, role games,presentations, discussions, etc.The workshops and exercises and the presentations are the tools to provide the participants with theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences according the contents of the training course.
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  • Project on ERASMUS Platform

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