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Cross-border job mobility analysis and recommendation on the recognition of the results of initial and further education
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT AND PROJECT BACKGROUND Labor market mobility in the border regions is very important topic not only for individuals applying for a job or companies that employ workers from neighboring countries. It is also a very important signal for the education system from neighbouring countries whose task is to prepare for the occupation in the appropriate quality. The increase in cross-border international labor mobility within countries of partnership since joining the European Union is significant. For the general public however, is not easy to obtain in a simple way, information about the number of people who get a job abroad, respectively occupations in which workers from the partnership applied most frequently. The education program quality of prepat training and the professional requirements of employers are not compared yet, especially from the point of international mobility. PROJECT OBJECTIVE The main aim of the project is to gain better overview of initial and further education outcomes in occupations in which the most frequent cross-border job mobility within the partner-countries is realized. PROJECT PARTNERS - Czech Republic - Czech Chamber of Commerce (HKCR), The Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia (KHKJM), TREXIMA, spol. s r. o. - Slovak Republic - TREXIMA Bratislava, spol. s r. o. - Austria - ConPlusUltra GmbH MAIN ADDRESSE PRIORITIES • Labour market issues incl. career guidance / youth unemployment • Regional dimension and cooperation • Recognition, transparency, certification TARGET GROUPS • general public • employers from each country of partnership from the surveyed region • initial VET and further education training providers , • regional and national authorities in the field of education or labour market MAIN PROJECT ACTIVITIES Achieving the project goal will result in implementation of following major project activities: 1. Definition of occupations with the highest mobility in the specified transborder regions in countries of partnership in cooperation with local labour offices where the employers are required to announce the employment of foreigners. 2. Criterias description and definition - to compare results of initial and further education for specified occupations 3. Verification by employers - feedback from employers employing workers from the countries of partnership in occupations which have been identified with the highest cross-border labour mobility determines in particular lack on competencies in the moment of entering new job and vice versa to find out which competencies are not used. 4. Conslusion - recommendations summary for authorities in countries of partnership Based on data obtained from the above described activities an outcome analysis and recommendations for recognition of initial and further education outcomes will be provided. PROJECT RESULTS - Project WebPages - Analysis and comparison of the VET results in chosen occupations - Feedback from employers to the competencies of migrants - A list of occupations that are the most common in job mobility between the partner countries. - Methodology of comparison of the IVET and CVET contents (results). - Summary of the project outputs and a suggestion of recommendations for authorities. POTENTIAL LONGTERM BENEFITS Using of the proposed measures in all countries of the partnership initiates multiplier effect, which supports future cooperation between entities within the created partnership. In the relevant cross-border regions the project results will be used mainly as an input for the ongoing dialogue with existing and potential employers and labour market institutions for awareness raising about ongoing adaptation of VET programmes in the neighbouring countries as well as needs for adapting national educational systems. The project leads to deepened cross-border networking and cooperation regarding VET systems. The long-term impact will result in increased openness and support for mutual exchange of mobile skilled workforce on the basis of an enlarged understanding of labor market relations and common regional development goals.
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