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Start date: Aug 21, 2011, End date: Aug 21, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Defining SNA methodology – this phase will include the definition of procedures of research, of instrument that are going to be used during the research, as well as the models of reporting on the results of analysis. This activity will be conducted by all the partners and will be regarded as common contribution and property. 2. Identification of sectors in which SNA will be implemented – in both countries of the region there will be an SNA conducted for three areas of economy or public sector (agriculture and food-processing industry, tourism and textile and leather industry). The idea is to identify three sectors which are of importance in both countries. SWOT analysis of current situation in these sectors. SNA which is specific goal of the project will, therefore, give us uniform information on skill needs in both countries and have a regional scope. 3 Research conduct – It is a process which consists of interviewing participants, who are competent to give valuable inputs on the matter discussed. 4 Analysis of results - Results of research conduct are relevant information on real economic/public sector’s needs of for skills. This information will be used to define generic or key competences which should be adopted in regional economy. Finally, they will indicate the kind of education programs which should be designed in order to create the labour force of desirable qualifications 5 Presentation of the research results to the public – the findings of the research will be collected in a final document, which will be distributed to the mayor stake-holders and decision-makers in the area of education and economic development. The public will be informed on the results of the analysis through a final conference. The aim of the conference is to present the project activities and its results. - The collaboration of partners on the project will be intensive throughout the project. In the first stage of the project partners will be working together on the definition of SNA strategy / methodology. The most important part of regional collaboration concerns joint data evaluation and analysis which will enable the partners to get a clear view on regional situation regarding skills and education needs. This will be a good basis for initializing future cooperation on development of the system of continuous education. Finally, the established partnership will help the dissemination of the results of the research throughout both regions, as well as raising the awareness of the public in the matter. Achievements: The project has achieved the following results:- Two promotion conferences were held (Zajecar/Vidin) and were reported about on the local TV and radio stations;- Established a network of the stakeholders in the target region working in the field of education. One hundred local SMEs have been contacted and asked the fill in the project survey. The results of the survey are available on the project web site;- A forum was organized in Serbia on the topic “Bridging the gap between the supply and demand of the qualified work force”. The materials presented at the forum are available on the project web site;- Two versions of the project web site have been developed (in Bulgarian and Serbian language): and

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