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Cross-border cooperation on youth entrepreneurship development and promotion
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

Project "Cross-border cooperation on youth entrepreneurship development and promotion" is going to gather 46 youth workers active in the field of youth self-employment, on a 5-day training that is to be organized in Novi Sad, Serbia. There are 6 countries targeted through this project: Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and there are 6 promoters from above mentioned countries that will be involved in implementation of this project. In total, around 30 different organizations/institutions from these 6 countries will be benefited by this project.Certainly, one of positive solutions to youth unemployment problem is entrepreneurship education and empowerment of youngsters, because today's youth needs a creative, independent, non-traditional way of thinking about business and their future employment prospects. In that sense, self-employment needs to be more seriously considered by youngsters, as well as those providing, or wishing to provide, youth with services in area of self-employment, as viable income-generation option and as an alternative to job seeking.Since efforts in this area give practical and concrete results in terms of jobs creation and economic development, and since the promoters, especially the main promoter, have extensive history of achievements in this field of youth-serving, the plan is to use this project to help development of the quality and effectiveness of support systems for youth interested in entrepreneurship, especially those young people with fewer opportunities who are today facing even more serious economic obstacles.The quality and effectiveness of youth entrepreneurship support systems that is available to young potential entrepreneurs via different organizations/institutions is of particular importance in this area as there is no room for omissions when dealing with young people's livelihoods and future.Moreover, this project is to strengthen cross-border cooperation capacities of organisations/institutions from the target region to even more efficiently work in area of youth self-employment, cooperate among themselves and to promote European cooperation in field of youth entrepreneurship development and promotion by using this project as a partnership-building chance that will bring networking among participating organizations/institutions and other interested actors in area of youth entrepreneurship development and promotion. All of these efforts will later help creation of a mutually supportive and efficient infrastructure in the region, consisting of organizations/institutions providing youngsters with information and assistance to achieve their self-employment and possibly employment (job seeking and finding) intentions.Therefore, the plan is build upon resources and opportunities provided by this project and to, without wasting any time, immediately follow-up on it with a Networking project that will further strengthen cross-border cooperation mechanisms when youth entrepreneurship development and promotion is concerned, and involve even up to 8 promoter organizations from the SEE region.This project especially recognizes the need for "actions in key areas that affect Europe's young people, particularly in areas of youth employment, creativity and entrepreneurship..." as it is defined by the new EU youth strategy "Youth - Investing and Empowering".
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