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Cross-border Cooperation of Universities of Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus in Environmental Protection (CBC Eco-House)

The border regions of Latvia, Lithuania andBelarus share a large nature reserve areaof national and international importance.The lakes and waterways have come underpressure from the release of untreatedwastewater from towns and villages as wellas from the disposal of waste. So far, nomechanisms have been created to monitorthe developments in this area of importanceto the three neighbouring states – and ofimportance also to the water quality in theGulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea, the Daugavariver flows into.The overall project objective is to developcross border environmental cooperationbetween the 3 border region universitiesin Daugavpils (LV) Šiauliai (LT) andNovopolotsk (BY).Project results are: Strategy of EnvironmentalProtection of Cross-border Regions for 2007 –2012 including joint monitoring systems;trained students, academic staff andspecialists of municipalities in environmentalprotection; prepared technical project forrenovation of Cross-border Research andMonitoring Station in Ilgas (LV).
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  • 75%   214 554,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus (LV-LT-BY)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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