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Cross-border collaboration to fight illegal logging and timber trade to protect trans-boundary Greek-F.Y.R.O.M ecosystems (AITOLOS)

Illegal logging and the cross-border trade in illegally logged timber is currently a major concern among all countries worldwide. Moreover, illegal logging and trade has a multi-dimensional impact, ranging from environmental damage to foregone governmental revenues and crime.In AITOLOS, project partners conduct a forest market and timber trade analysis in both countries. Next, they develop specific recommendations for enhancing and modernizing illegal logging legal and regulatory framework and establish related policy pillars by taking into account EU FLEGT Action Plan and regulations.In addition, they develop a high-level operational plan for implementing guidelines at participating border regions, defining modus operandi, stakeholders’ role and technological architecture to be applied (e.g. satellite/cellular network, RFID, tags/barcodes, remote monitoring, satellite imaging, etc.);All the aforementioned activities are complemented by an actual implementation pilot, by which operational soundness and execution effectiveness of the plan is tested, providing specific feedback for the plan’s further improvement and acting as test bed for full-scale implementation.Project activities are expected to reduce the volume of illegal logged wood that is transferred between the two countries and create active cross-border partnerships.Promotional and communication outputs include: brochure and newsletters, website and regional dissemination workshops.

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