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Cross-border Co-operation to Address Core School Educational Issues

Dorothy Stringer Sports College in Brighton & Hove and Institution Saint Joseph in Le Havre aim to build on the successful and innovative cross-border cooperation that has developed during the Interreg3a Project 145 "Promoting European Citizenship through Education and Sport" by extending the project into their respective communities, sharing best practice in the core activities of their establishments such as school leadership and management, Continual Professional Development (CPD), teacher training, curriculum design and innovation, school assessment and the deployment of non-teacher classroom assistants to support primary/secondary transition and students with special educational needs and disseminating their findings to the wider educational audience. The project will develop an extensive programme of student educational trips and exchanges in the cross-border area, creating opportunities and experiences that will enhance learning and teaching through an added Franco-British dimension across most curriculum areas and make a significant contribution to the˜2005 European Year of Citizenship through Education" (EYCE). The activities envisaged by the project will be supported by the widespread use of information and communication technology including videoconferencing and a jointly managed internet portal.
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