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Cross border actions for the proper diagnosis and stigma elimination in epilepsy (EPILEPSY SPECTRUM)
Start date: Feb 27, 2012, End date: Aug 27, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Epilepsy is a disease that requires specialized diagnosis and treatment from neurologists while carrying stigma and prejudice even in our days. The neurological clinic of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki runs an equipped antiepileptic unit as well as a 24 hour video electroencephalogram recording unit, which is the most reliable means of epilepsy diagnosis and preoperational control. Our proposal rises from the need for proper epilepsy diagnosis and treatment and the need to fight stigma through education, in the context of Greece-Bulgaria collaboration, taking into account the easy access and frequent communication between the 2 countries. The main collaboration axis will be: a. Equipment b. Know how c. Education d. Research The main activities of the project will be:1. educational meetings between neurologists from the two countries both theoretical and practical 2. educational campaign for other doctors, teachers, nurses and the general public through seminars aiming to fight the "stigma" associated with epilepsy in both countries 3. website and educational material (leaflets and brochures) 4. recording of the total volume of patients and their families, creating a database and epidemiological and quality of life research 5. telemedicine amongst the two countries in order to exchange views about difficult diagnosis and their subsequent treatment Expected outcomes: the creation of two fully equipped antiepileptic units with trained staff and advanced equipment in order to answer the needs of their population. The final aim of the antiepileptic units will be not only to provide expert care for the epilepsy patients but also to eliminate "stigma" and alter peoples' perspectives about epilepsy. The added value is the establishment of a communication through telemedicine between the two countries and the setting up of the foundations for further research. Also to minimize unnecessary diagnostic costs and polypharmacotherapy. Expected Results: From this project we are expecting to have two fully equipped antiepileptic units that will answer the needs of the population for proper diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. We will also create a database of the epileptic patients and research their quality of life. A massive awareness plan for physicians, nurses’ teachers and the general public will also be implemented. A website will allow the easy publication of the data and announcement of seminars and will be a port for everyone that has questions that need expert answers.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)
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