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Cross border academic development of an image-based recommendation system for regional educational purposes (MobileAssistant)
Start date: Dec 31, 2011, End date: Dec 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to strengthen the education process of both universities by an extensive exchange of know-how in the field of mobile technologies and augmented reality. The outcome of the project is software based on image processing and data mining techniques, which can be used for education in several ways. This partnership includes both joint research and bilateral educational work: the first augmented reality environment will be developed in the border region, using the expertise of both universities and involving students into the development of the system. The participating students have the opportunity to learn to work in groups using state-of-the-art development tools. By taking shared seminars, the students can also benefit from the knowledge gained from the other side's experts. The developed system can also be beneficial for several institutions of both sides (arts, natural sciences, architecture, etc.).The general objective of the project is joint development of an educational system through specific courses at the University of Debrecen and Politehnica University of Timisoara.The very direct beneficiaries of the project are the approximately 120 graduate students attending the dedicated seminars and labs, since they will have the opportunity to learn how to work in international projects and take the advantage of sharing knowledge. Besides the personal beneficiaries, the students can build long-term relationships over the border, therefore after graduation there is a definite possibility for further cooperation in both the industrial and academic areas. Since the project aims the development of a mobile assistant and the building of image databases related to the natural and cultural heritage of the border areas, beneficiaries are all the graduate students who can use the databases in their studies or research. Due to the accessibility of the database through mobile devices, architectures, ecologists, ethnographers, biologists, etc. can upload images and information to the database and even do data mining during fieldworks. The number of students using the system as direct beneficiaries can be estimated several thousands (with a minimum expectation of 300), since both universities have corresponding faculties.The main specific activities of the project are: launching labs/seminars and selecting/supervising students for the development team, setting up and maintaining an application/database server, developing image processing algorithms, developing mobile application, developing data mining applications for the recommendation system
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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