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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today we are facing an increasing passivity of young people who, despite the tremendous opportunities offered by today's society, and ideas and the potential they have, but these are not exploited. By sharing the concept 'Critisize, suggest, act' we want to encourage young people to become actively involved in their local environment and enhance their skills to such an extent that they will be able to take effective action and their motivation will be expanded to other young people.Objectives of this exchange are:-empowerment of young people to work in the local community-present the concept critisize-suggest-act in such a way that at the end of the exchange, all participants will be able to identify the problem, propose a solution and also use it.-through theory and practice teach them the concept of project planning so they will be able to use it themselves-share good and bad labor practices at the local level in different countries-personal growth of participants and work on their skills and competences-To have two products ate the end of the exchange: A guide for project planning activities and initiatives at the local level and short film of events from the exchange.-active participation of young people across Europe-strengthening intercultural awareness and reducing stereotypes with meeting young people from different countries.We have 8 partner organizations from different countries across Europe: Spain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Malta, Croatia, Estonia and Hungary. Each organization will choose 5 participants, aged between 15 and 23 years who either already have experience in working in the local unit, or wish to acquire them. The exchange is suitable for young people with different levels of knowledge and experience. The organizing group will be composed of seven heads of local associations from No Excuse, who all have local work and project planning experience already.The exchange will take place in different cities around Slovenia: Izola, Ljubljana, Celje and Postojna. It will consist of several different activities: the first is the cognitive part, which is followed by the theoretical part of an introduction to the topic and project planning as well as the practical part of the local units, where the participants will be divided into groups and each will help local activists with their projects. In the end, they will meet with incubator of ideas (the concept of how to plan a project). Moreover, each day will include the evening program and both ongoing and final evaluation.For the implementation of the project we will use different methods of non-formal education: informal games, individual work, pair work, group work, improvisation, frontal form of work, advocacy and representation, debate, asociative thinking, brainstorming, different valuation methods and interaction with local people.Participants in the project will gain new knowledge in the field of project management, new methods and forms of work and they will also develop their social and rhetorical skills. They will exchange good and bad practices of project implementation and those will be critically evaluated. All stages of project planning will be covered int he exchange, so they will have a chance to learn the whole. Since the very concept is drawn up in the form of project planning, participants will be able to understand all the stages and potential risks in planning and carrying out of the project. They will learn about new methods and forms of work, through which they will be able to search and find the problems in their local environment, to find solutions and find out how to carry out the project and to wind up properly and evaluate quality. In addition, they will also learn about a new culture and improve their public speaking in English. Broadly speaking, we want to achieve a more active participation of young people across Europe. Partner organizations, as well as us will be able to use the knowledge and competences that participants will gain on exchange and they will be a great help to our further work. Through the integration of the participants we will create a network of young people who want to be active and make a change in the their area, and this will disseminate the results of exchanges even easier.

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