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Credits from Mobility
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To follow successfully the mission of Tallinn Construction School (TEK) - Training of internationally competitive skilled labor that meets labor market requirements - the development plan of TEK defines the students’ and teachers’ participation in international projects as one of the most important activity to diversify the study process. The main goal of the project is to offer TEK students the possibility to improve their professional competencies, get to know new work techniques, embed their knowledge and skills in international work environment. As all the new curriculas are based on Estonian credit point system, then this project provides the opportunity to test ECVET transfer recognition and potentiality in practice. Our intension is to motivate students to continuous self-improvement and support the attitude to work in their specialty. In addition the project gives the opportunity to practice and improve their foreign language skills. The second goal is to give the trainers chance to improve their professional competence, get international communication and work experience, thereby create the opportunity to them to use their pedagogical and professional knowledge more efficiently and also arrange vocational education in better way. The first group of trainers will do the job shadowing during one week in partner school, make acquaintance with curriculas, teaching methods and professional technologies used in partner school. The second group of trainers gets international work experience working in a foreign country at their field of professions in an organization where TEK students are carrying out their practical training through Erasmus+ mobility. During the 2 years period in total 54 students and 16 trainers from construction and wood processing curriculum groups are involved in mobilities. The project is managed by TEK project coordinator, assisted by continuing education specialist. All the partner organizations have expressed their willingness to participate in this project and TEK has had with all of them positive work experiences from previous cooperation. Project startup is concluded with Memorandum of Mutual Understanding that requires the receiving partner to evaluate the students’ training outcomes in ECVET credit points that can be recognized by TEK. Tripartite agreements will be signed with all participants, with TEK, receiving organization and participant as parties. The participants will have cultural training and they will have full logistical support – transportation, accommodation and insurance. All the students will have instructors assigned by receiving organization, who will also carry out the monitoring during the whole mobility period. All participants are obliged to present the project coordinator once a week a written summary about their mobility and training. As the result all the students who participated in the project will achieve the learning outcome described in the curricula through practical training outside Estonia. The implementation of ECVET principals enables validate learning outcomes achieved abroad and recognize them as a part of student’s professional growth. Participation in mobility also enables the participants to improve their language skill in professional meaning, widen their horizon, and develop their independency and social skills, that all together increases graduates’ potential entering the labor market. New knowledge and skills gained by trainers can be used to make study process more attractive. Trainers who have participated in the mobility projects have more skills to prepare study materials, assignments and technological tools according to students’ specific needs. TEK can use participation in international projects as rewarding tool for the best students and trainers and also motivate other students to get better results. As TEK acts also as a receiving partner for schools in France and Germany, then this kind of project-based cooperation creates favorable situation for future cooperation between schools in broader sense.
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