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CrediCare - Quality-oriented Accreditation of Vocational Learning Outcomes in Health Care and Nursing

The overall objective of the project was the transnational transfer, implementation and testing of a procedure for the description and comparative level assessment of units of learning outcomes in health care and nursing. The procedure in question, the Module Level Indicator (MLI), is designed in a way that makes it possible to apply the tool in different VET systems and to achieve comparable results. The implementation covered five European countries representing different VET traditions, namely Estonia, Finland, France, Germany and Ireland.The transfer and implementation activities were carried out by a consortium composed of research institutions in each of the partner countries as well as training institutions that took part as associated partners or on a subcontracting basis. All core partners are experienced in the implementation of multilateral projects at the European level and have expertise in the area of vocational education and training research, including the specific issue of accreditation of (vocational) learning outcomes. The partners also have good contacts to other stakeholders in the sector (including public authorities responsible for the recognition of qualifications) that can support the dissemination of results.The major outcomes of the project are the CrediCare information resources, which are available as hardcopy and online versions: (1) The CrediCare MLI User Guide is a documentation of the procedure for future users. (2) The Level Assessment Report contains descriptions of qualifications in terms of units of learning outcomes to support the recognition and accreditation of these units (e.g. by employers or for further learning opportunities). (3) The CrediCare Accreditation Manual is a comparative level assessment of qualifications and units on the basis of bilateral equivalence checks, which can be used as an inventory or knowledge resource for the transnational recognition of qualifications.The results are disseminated by stakeholder workshops, a website and various publications. The project is expected to have an impact especially in the sense that the transparency and comparability of learning outcomes in the health care sector is improved.
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