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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CRECENTIA project is promoted by ONECO in collaboration with 4 Educational Institutions, which aims to provide the population of Seville with the impulse to strengthen and develop the economic fabric and business competitiveness in the province, through quality training among young people to enable themto gain future employment. This project contributes to the quality and solidity of the internal organisation and therefore has developed a coherent proposal, perfectly approachable by the technical team of the Consortium. For this reason, the coordinator has taken into account the main economic activities of the province when deciding to have the various schools which offered a Vocational Education Training in one of the sectors most required by companies of the territory. Also, the coordinator ensured that the cycles of the school newly joined to the Consortium this year fulfilled these characteristics. The Consortium of this project is composed of: + IES Miguel de Cervantes: Trade sector + IES Miguel de Manara: Cosmetic industry sector + IES Alcaria: Administrative sector. + IES Federico Mayor Zaragoza: Health sector + ONECO as project coordinator and promoter of this initiative. The main CRECENTIA group consists of 40 young people from the province of Seville aged 18 to 30, who are undertaking a course of the Technical Certificate at one of the 4 schools that are part of the Consortium. The training does not form part of the FCT (Training in the workplace) but will help to expand the practical training performed in our country before the departure. The training placements will be for three months and will take place in 3 flows: January, April and September 2016. The countries that will host future participants will be Italy, UK, Ireland and Portugal. Participants who goto Italy, UK and Ireland will receive language training before their departure through the online course that Erasmus + Program will make available. Young people who go to Lisbon will attend a Portuguese course once they get to Portugal. Before departure, participants will also receive a socio-professional and cultural training organised by the partners as part of the Consortium. Based on the social and economic context of the province of Seville, the needs identified among the group at which we are aimed, the professional sectors worked in and the overall objective, the Consortium has established the following specific objectives: - Strengthen practical training that enhances the knowledge acquired by young people during their studies. - Promote the improvement of teaching-learning relationship and the academic-vocational training. - Facilitate learning experiences to prepare young people in an international context. - Specialisation within their sector. - Encouraging linguistic competence to achieve bilingualism. - Encourage their level of autonomy and responsibility. - Understand the functioning of an EU company promoting entrepreneurship. - Promoting intercultural education as a basis for aEuropean quality training. - Improving social skills of young people. - Promote mutual understanding on academic training in the various EU countries. - Develop values such as solidarity, tolerance and respect among young people. - To promote recognition of their studies. - Promote the multiplier effect of mobility experiences. - Encourage economic development of the municipality as a result of improved training of the youth. - Internationalisation of the Consortium members through the exchange of information between countries. Furthermore, CRECENTIA will have the support and commitment of intermediarypartners and host companies on arrival, i.e. in Florence (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Cork (Ireland) and Belfast (UK), in the case of entities which some of the national consortium partners have previously worked in different countries in previous experiences of mobility. CRECENTIA is the result of the commitment of the Consortium to promote training and employment among theyoung population of Seville who are completing Technical Certificate Cyclesin the previously referred to sectors. The reason that we embark upon this project is to meet the stated objectives and achieve positive results, both locally and for the participants, who will complete their training routes, gain professional experience and improve in the learning of a second language.
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