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"Creativity plus soft skills as a key to success not only in a whole life but also at a labour market"
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. OBJECTIVES: The project “Creativity plus soft skills as a key to success not only in a whole life but also at a labour market” will be realised in a small city which is placed far away from academic and cultural centres. Characterized by no work places, small chance to find an interesting job and good quality for spending free time. That is why the main object of our project is based on teaching, first of all young and disabled people, seniors, also all local community, ways for spending time creatively and effectively related to their aspirations and possibilities in their lives. EVS volunteers and the persons who they will be working with, have to develop their creativity skills, adaptation ability in every life and professional situation without loosing the happiness and satisfaction of life. This general object we want to achieve trough: a) learning process of mainly using formal and non formal education methods, soft skills useful in every kind of life situations b) developing their creativity and innovative approach to the problems, professional and life situations c) practical integration exercises which make you more active for mentioned groups, mainly with EVS volunteers: work with disabled people and youngsters from high schools, and children in KOM. Our additional aim is related to build partnerships, cooperation and solidarity among citizens of “poor south regions of Europe” Italy and Spain with the poorer citizens of Slavic countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Macedonia – trough hosting volunteers from those countries in Poland. 2. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS 8 EVS volunteers will be engaged in our project. 5 sending, 4 hosting and one coordinating organisation. Mobile Poles Foundation as coordinating organisation. Creative Multifunctional Object (KOM), Association of Disabled People and Their Friends in Milicz, community and township in Milicz are hosting organisations. Sending organisation are from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Italy and Spain. The profile of potential volunteer: open-minded empathic person, able to work in group, responsible, the best with previous experiences of working with disabled people/ youngsters/ kids. 3.METHODOLOGY USED IN IMPLEMENTING THE PROJECT: The innovation of methodology will be used by modern methods and techniques of learning, and developing creativity. Related to this KOM (Creative Multifunctional Object) absorbs the big field of opportunities, specialized in organisation of creative activities for children, youngsters and youth from all over Lower Silesia Region. As usual we will be working by formal and non formal education methods based on practices, experience and students activity and also by fulfilling pointed tasks and practical actions. Implementing the rule “Tell me, I'll forget, show me, I'll remember, let me take part in it then I'll understand” . We create closer and better partnership relationships student – teacher. It is less official but aims for cooperation and activity for both sides. “Teacher” not only passes the knowledge but he is also a supervisor and guide. The learning process is elastic and adjusted to the needs of student. He decides by himself about the form and direction of learning process. Non formal education demands engage, activity and awareness of student. Volunteers all together will decide significantly about the form of their volunteery service in all fields where it will be possible without changing the aims which are going to be realised during the project. They will be our equal laws partners. 4 PREDICTED RESULTS AND IMPACT OF THE PROJECT 1. Improving and elaborating new methods of work, learning techniques, dealing with problems related to EVS volunteers and main target groups – seniors, youngsters and kids. 2. Making all people involved in the process – volunteers, disabled people, seniors and students. Make them aware of the fact that the most number of the barriers starts in your mind. Referring to this it is going to be overcame and overstepped. The happy life has nothing common with accident but it is made of hard and systematic work according to our predispositions and properly selected direction of development. 3. Increasing knowledge, professional, social, culture and language experience all of our partners (organisations and volunteers) it will also increase potential among local community of municipality of Milicz as a natural receiver results of the project and it's external beneficiary. 4. All participants soft skills improvement. 5. LONG - TERM POTENTIAL BENEFITS. a) self-realization and objectively better quality of life thanks to unique experiences, skills and knowledge gained during implementation of the project for all of the participants. b) amplification of international potential of organisation c) creation of relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
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