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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Educational Centre and Our Needs We are part of a bilingual school situated in a suburban community in the south of Madrid. We have 459 students, coming from a mix of both Spanish and other nationalities. During the last eight years we have made a strong effort to initiate and consolidate the bilingual project of the Community of Madrid. During this time we have detected the following needs: • The necessity of improving the teachers’ linguistic competence. In the last eight years, none of our teachers have partaken in a linguistic immersion course abroad. As a consequence, the “input” our students receive is becoming poor. This is especially true for the students in the third cycle (fifth and sixth grades). • The necessity to renew out methodology and techniques. We have observed that in the third cycle there is a lack of motivation and that the students reach a plateau in the learning process. We believe that we need to introduce creativity in our classrooms. That is why we feel we must take a course based on creativity methods and language. • The necessity to improve our intercultural competence. This would benefit not only our teachers but also our students. • The necessity to implement a European awareness in our school. We would like to establish contact and cooperation with schools in other European countries. This European dimension and contacts do not exist presently. Participants’ Profile: • English teachers and Infant Education teachers who have held a permanent position at the school for more than 10 years. They specialize in the area of English and Infant Education. They began and continue to assess the bilingual program at the school. One of them is the coordinator of the program. Description of the Activities and Methodology: • Structured course in the United Kingdom. It will be focused on Creative Approaches and Cultural Awareness of the country. Educators from different parts of Europe will participate in this course, giving us the opportunity to establish contact with colleagues from different educational systems. • Apply the new creative techniques in our classrooms, followed by their assessment and dissemination to our fellow colleagues. • The entire school will be working on activities put into practice that have to do with the culture of the country where the course is held. Some of the outcomes will be exhibited throughout the school during our Cultural Week. • Establish blogs, pen pal activities and eTwinning programs. Expected Impact • The renewal of teaching and learning techniques used in our school. (With an emphasis on creativity.) • Foster the use of new ICT to share and exchange good practices with teachers both in Spain and abroad. • Give a European dimension to our school starting with the eTwinning program and cooperation with other schools. • To establish the basis for future European programs.
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