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Creativity in learning environments
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is situated in Chieti, a small town in the centre of Italy and consists of three levels of schools: Pre- primary school, Primary scholol and Secondary School ( first grade). It has 9 buildings in different places of the town. So it includes a wide age range, from 3 years old to14 years old.In these last years the percentage of children from other European and non-European countries is increasing. Our school needs to improve : inclusivity, interculturality, internationalization of educational system. The teaching staff is young and open - minded , without significant experiences abroad. Our school wants to be open to internationalization, but want also to grow and to renew itself in teaching and learning methods, to be ready to educate European citizens, to enlarge perspectives and horizons, in the age of deep transformation.OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECTIn our school, we want to offer our students an environment in which creative learning represents an active process and not a mere transmission of knowledge from teacher to student.Our goals are:1. to improve the staff skills2. to learn innovative teaching and learning methods and tools used in EU practices3. to organize new ways of teaching and learning4. to promote the European dimensionSpecific needs:- To improve the quality of teaching, and to learn how to make students enthusiastic- to stimulate different learning styles to be more effective and inclusive- to motivate students to learn, to build their future, to form critical thinking, to face the challenges of a changing society;- to encourage the development of soft skills such as WHO protocol on "Life Skills Education" that help to manage complexity and relationships (Problem solving, decision-taking, creativity, critical sense-Social skills -Communication -Management of emotions )NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTSThe number of participants is 8 (including manager); the professional profile of the staff involved is different: some of them are primary school teachers, others are secondary school teachers, others are Pre-primary school teachers ; some teachers have already participated in an experience of Comenius Project KA 2 . Participants will be selected on criteria such as motivation for participation in the training course, willingness to share the experience abroad with colleagues and students. Training course 's ACTIVITIES The training course "Creativity in learning enviroments" in Lisbon is from 8 to 16 July 2016 and includes the following activities:-Provide theory and concepts about creativity and its use in learning-Acquire or raise the level of creative skills to use at personal and professional level-Provide methods and practical tools to stimulate the development of creativity-Gain knowledge on how to transfer the acquired competences to the learning environment, for students, pupils and trainees.-Explore different tools of creative workMETHODOLOGYIn the project will be used teaching and learning methods, more inclusive of diversity, based on a new holistic perception of the individual by integrating mind, emotions, body ,experiences and diversity.LONG-TERM EXPECTED OUTCOMESWe plan to spend in the future, skills and experiences acquired by teachers, to offer our students a new perspective , more open and flexible, multicultural, respectful of individual national identities, able to promote integration and to build inclusive way of thinking. We expect to implement co-operation of the working groups, integration, inter-culture, linguistic and cultural knowledge, inclusivity.
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