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Creativity has (no) Rules
Start date: Jul 4, 2016, End date: Dec 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Creativity has (no) Rules" in an youth exchange project for young artists and art managers from 18 till 26 years old (participants should have at least some basic knowledge about art , managers about management, and to be interested in arts, see it as their future professional career). Venue of the project is Kaunas, bus some activities will be in Vilnius. Kaunas and Vilnius are two biggest cities in Lithuania, where are bigger part of all Lithuanian galleries, creative business and cultural events are taking place. This venue is chosen in due to participants to be in creative environment and have the possibility to explore Lithuania cultural life. Timing of this project is on 10th-18th of September, 2016. Name of this project: "Creativity has (no) Rules" is chosen because by using it organizers want to deny stereotype, that art market is chaotic and spontaneous and artists do not need management skills. This name is linked to objectives of this project: to reveal artists what kind of rules exist in art market, how art and management, entrepreneurship are linked and what kind of results collaboration between these field can bring for young artists art managers. Organizers of these project are seeking to provide artist with some management skills, to help managers become more creative and flexible, help to start dialogue between artists and managers, to understand each other better. Thus, main objective of this project is to help young artists and art managers to enter art market, sell art works, to start their own creative business, prepare art projects. And by all these means ensure stable income that they need for making a living from activities they see them selves in, has talent. Because artist often don't have management skills and don't know how to promote them selves and their art they are struggling while trying to make living from arts and facing economical obstacles that prevent them from traveling, participate in various international projects, to get new skills and to fro knowing other cultures. In addition, managers often stress that artist are complicated, closed personalities with which it is hard to communicate and work, they are facing social obstacles. It is intended to include these people into this project, that they could get get new communications, management and entrepreneurship skills and knowledge, become more optimistically and willing to act in due to change their lives. While implementing this project, organizers are focusing on non-formal and informal education methods with which are seeking to give as much practical skills for participants as possible, strengthen theoretical knowledge and to make conclusions by them selves, because in this way participants will be more willingness to use knowledge and skills they got in this project. Thus to give background for non-formal and informal activities, at the beginning some theoretical informations (or information that lecturers will share) will be used. Also during this youth exchanges big attention will be given for refections. Reflections will help to strengthen knowledge participants got during activities, to improve schedule and to prevent risks that might appear. This project won't be limited only be making impact for young artists and art manager who will take place in this youth exchange. Organizers, with help from partners, will seek to share results from these youth exchange with as broad target audience as possible in Lithuania and foreign countries.

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