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Creativitate, Responsabilitate, Educatie la Dunarea(C.R.E.D)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

TITLE: Creativity, Responsibility, Education at Dunarea (C.R.E.D) AIM: Updating our high school educational strategies and synchronising our school policy with the European education system, focusing more than ever before on knowledge, motivation, innovation, in order to attract students‘ interest for study and having as a consequence better results and improved professional competence in accordance with the Lifelong Learning principles. SCHOOL NEEDS: a) The need to develop managerial abilities regarding project development - as to provide a better school integration on the European context – will be achieved through training sessions for the managerial team who will try to get involved in international projects and partnerships. b) The need to improve the teaching quality and the teacher-student cooperation will be attained through innovative methods training courses for teachers who will, consequently create optional curricula in Romanian and English, creating modern resources for other Romanian and European schools. c) The need to attract students in e-learning and mobile-learning activities, bringing their contribution to the creation of a shared pedagogical database/platform, will be accomplished through teachers’ participating in digital competencies training sessions in order to ensure superior cognitive lifelong learning. Objectives: 1) Developing project and managerial competences for 2 managers (CA, CEAC), in order to elaborate projects and partnerships, through Erasmus+ mobility projects, during the project development. 2) Improving professional competences for 5 teachers regarding innovative methods and particularised educational approach, during and after the project development. 3) Achieving IT abilities and new technology usage skills for 5 teachers/non-pedagogical staff, in order to create and use the CRED e-Learning platform (pedagogical database), during and after the project development. PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 managers will participate in project management and organisational courses, in order to develop planning, coordinating, diagnosing, controlling, managing and evaluation skills; 5 teachers/non-pedagogical staff from different curricular domains will participate to courses aimed at improving IT skills in order to use the innovative digital techniques of mobile-learning; 5 teachers from different curricular domains will learn to diversify their methods, alternating classical with modern approaches in order to dynamically modernise teaching-learning activities and cooperate better with students. ACTIVITIES: 2 types of activities will be performed regarding project management and project mobilities. A1) Project team organisation and official announcement of grant approval on school/local community/national level; A2) Creation of project promotion campaign, as well as its results and impact in social media; A3) Implementation of project; 3.1) Contacting course providers to establish courses validity, costs, period of time, contracts. 3.2) Preparation for training (linguistic, intercultural, familiarisation with training session, dialogue with course providers, etc.). 3.3) Actual course attending. 3.4) After-course activities (dissemination, implementing knowledge/techniques, creation of instruments, creation of portfolios). A4) Project evaluation A5) Creating the CRED e-learning platform. RESULTS – 12 European certifications; 12 portfolios; one brochure describing the project; CRED e-learning platform; Facebook project page; articles in the local press/online; reports for monitoring, implementation and evaluation of project activities. IMPACT:- raising the level of knowledge and abilities by means of a new curriculum; - Raising European mobilities for teachers and students. – Increasing institutional capacities of partnership extension and raising public image on local, regional and European level. The project targets improved education by promoting creativity, responsibility, team building for all teachers/non-pedagogical staff and students.
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