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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"CREATIVE WRITING: TRANSLINGUAL TEACHING AND LEARNING" lectures / teaching at partner schools / participation in conference panels and workshops since its beginnings in 1992, the vienna poetry school (schule für dichtung, sfd) has put an emphasis on internationality. in 2005, it was a founding member of eacwp - european association of creative writing programmes – and it consistently partcipates in international cooperations, conferences and eu-projects. from the start, sfd has been playing an active part in the theoretical discourse about teaching creative writing. it has an unquestioned competency in including different forms of media into the teaching of literary writing as well as a unique know-how in the field of sound poetry. increasingly, experience from other creative writing schools shall be included into teaching at sfd, especially the scope of multilingual and translingual teaching shall be improved. overall, this shall result in a productive exchange, which means a long-term and permanent process. the presence of sfd at the international conferences in turin - with speakers and delegates expected from finland, italy, france, spain, czech republic, germany, denmark, sweden, romania, england and more – shall make the tradition of the viennese avantgarde, which is represented strongly at sfd, internationally known. it shall position sfd and vienna as an important and firm place in the area of teaching creative writing. as a consequence of these conferences, it is intended that cooperations on a european level will evolve and that the exchange in the area of teaching creative language writing will be continued and further expanded. a definite aim is to invite european teachers/students/staff to vienna and at the same time to send teachers/students/staff from vienna to the partner institutions. further aims are intercultural and scientific exchange and reciprocal enrichment in all areas of creative writing, especially in pedagogical and didactical methods. the new teaching methods experienced at the conferences should serve as inspiration for sfd-teachers. creative writing especially, often is limited by language barriers. teaching/learning literary writing in another language, which is not one's mother tongue, is an aspect to build on and it is something where a lot still has to be learned. the development of new methods in this field is also an aim. therefore, as part of this project sfd-instructors are teaching in italy and in madrid. 6 mobilities 2015–2017 sfd takes part in the following conferences in 2016 with lectures, a class, participation in panel and workshops/classes: - “SYMPOSIUM OF THE EACWP (european association of creative writing programmes) ON TEACHING CREATIVE WRITING”, june 2016, turin, italy, organised by scuola holden, turin - "INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE PEDAGOGY OF CREATIVE WRITING", june 2016, turin, organised by eacwp & scuola holden 2 participants at symposium (2 days) and conference (4 days) in turin: - orhan kipcak, multimedia-author and media designer, sfd-teacher, international teaching assignments, co-created the virtual academy of sfd (1997), participated in eu-projects of sfd. also giving a lecture in the course of the conference. - harriet nachtmann, literary scientist, producer, eu-coordinator of sfd. introducing sfd and current projects to staff as well as teachers of european creative writing schools and universities. developing joint eu-projects. 2 more participants in the international conference: fritz ostermayer, artistic director of sfd, author, performer, designer of sfd-classes. lecture on a class taught by himself at sfd. n. n.: author, sfd teacher: lecture, additionally teaching a class (planned) in particular, by additionally attending classes for teachers, these visits in italy are both a teaching and a learning experience. teachers interchange between european creative writing schools: - 1 CLASS HELD BY AN SFD TEACHER IN MADRID 2015 - 1 CLASS HELD BY AN SFD TEACHER IN TURIN 2016 vice versa sfd invites teachers from turin and madrid to hold classes at sfd in vienna in 2016/17 2015 class in madrid, 1 sfd-teacher, jürgen berlakovich, author and sound artist, teaches at escuela de escritores, madrid: “acoustic poetics. the music of language“ 2016 class in turin, 1 sfd-teacher, jörg piringer, sound poet, scientist, teaches at scuola holden: “rhythm & sound”
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