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CREATive Urban Sharing in Europe
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND The crisis has highlighted the major role which Adult Learning (AL) can play in achieving the Europe 2020 goals, by enabling adults — in particular the low-skilled and older workers — to improve their ability to adapt to changes in the labor market and society. AL provides a means of up-skilling or reskilling those affected by unemployment, restructuring and career transitions, as well as makes an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development. REASON FOR THE PROPOSAL This project proposal could be addressed to all mentioned flagship initiatives. In effect, the proposal is based on some elements: - CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING METHODOLOGY: a 2010 IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries have identified the creativity as the most crucial skill for future success and leadership competency. Creativity is a critical skill that can be taught through a specific methodology starting from the understanding of the importance of the creative problem solving in daily life and stimulating the findings of alternative solutions and practical exercise to test and learn to think outside the box - The ideas of SHARING AND COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION as alternative lifestyles where the participants share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership–a way to rethinking consumerism in order to ensure more sustainable lifestyles - ACTIVE PARTICIPATION AND SOCIAL INCLUSION through the stimulation for a higher common benefit by changing the relationship within people living in the same urban areas - The proportion of URBAN POPULATION of the overall population in Europe has a trend that is going to reach up 80% on the next years -ref. European Environment Agency (EEA) The CREATIVITY is really important and could be applied in any context of the daily life. The “SHARING” is, in reality, a creative rethinking of not sustainable lifestyles: alternative approach to the waste and excesses of the consumerist society in order to preserve the environment especially in urban contexts The project idea is actual and would like to develop and integrate the experience coming from a previous project involving 3 of the partners (including the coordinator): a LLP Grundtivg Learning Partnership: “We Share” about collaborative consumption and sharing in Europe that was named as “Star Project”. The PROJECT PROPOSAL is about the learning to be creative in Urban areas thanks to the improvement of the level of key competences and skills of citizens. In effect, the beneficiary is anyone living in an urban area and that want to find creative and alternative ways to fell more active, connected with the neighbours and also find a local job coming from a stimulated entrepreneurship e.g. social enterprises OUTPUTS/RESULTS The project aims to: • Research and in-depth analyse from across EU successful GOOD PRACTICE examples about creativity and sharing in Urban areas • Promote the development, testing and implementation of INNOVATIVE PRACTICES/METHODOLOGIES in AL: Creative Problem Solving Methodology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Open space Technology, World Cafè method, other resources and tools to promote, activate and driving a Shareable city etc. • Transfer the knowledge about the METHODOLOGIES through an interactive GUIDE integrated with videos in order to promote the active citizenship, creativity and exploit the results to urban and local areas • Create a WEBSITE integrated with Blog and Social Networks containing a DATABASE OF MATERIALS TRANSLATED into all partners’ National languages to promote and encourage an extensive exploitation and dissemination • Stimulate ENTREPRENEURSHIP and mainly social entrepreneurship thanks to the methodologies acquired and to a deep knowledge of own local area’s needs • Disseminate the project outputs and results throughout EU with a database of OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES available through open licences • Create the staff profile “EXPERTS IN CREATIVITY AND SHAREABLE POLICIES” thanks to an intensive training and support on ECVET system and then recognised and validated by a specific Memorandum of Understanding • Arrange a series of MULTIPLIER EVENTS involving a large number of stakeholders to foster exploitation and dissemination of PROJECT Intellectual Outputs IMPACT ENVISAGED The partnership will bring together partners coming from several countries and their stakeholders both public and private with the synergic power to reach a very large and diverse audience. It has the potential to stimulate active citizenship, live better in the urban areas and also create job opportunities at local level. The project activities will be focused on the implementation of the European Agenda for AL in not-formal context enhancing the creativity through really innovative knowledge, skills and competences coming from the transferred Methodologies and detailed good practice guide ready-to-be-applied in other countries.
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