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Creative Thinking in Literacy and Language Skills
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Having considered the four main strategic objectives for the ET 2020 framework and in particular its strategic objectives of improving the quality and efficiency of education and training and that all citizens need to be able to acquire key competencies and all levels of education and training need to be made more attractive and efficient, we believe that educational establishments have a great role in advancing the level of education of many learners and adapting to the socio-demographic and economical changes occurring in Europe, which can prove difficult if pedagogical structures remain unchanged. Our own professional experience and the analysis of a number of key European strategies and documents have informed the selections of the pedagogical theme and approach of this project for a range of professionals. We have carefully considered how educators in adult education (through their work in raising literacy and languages skills of adults) can support the wider European agenda. In particular, we have considered the following: ‘The current difficult economic climate has highlighted the importance of education as a catalyst for economic growth ... We have to tackle the problem of 80 million low-skilled adults whose future looks increasingly marginal in a Europe that will concentrate on knowledge-intensive jobs.’ (European Commission 2012) ‘To increase economic competitiveness and create a more equitable and inclusive society, lifelong learning should be a reality for everyone in the EU. Adults participation in lifelong learning should be increased, particularly for individuals and groups at risk of exclusion, such as those with a low level of education’ (Bruges Communiqué and ET 2020 Strategy). Therefore, there are significant imperatives to increase the participation rates within adult education, to achieve higher standards of literacy and language skills for ‘everyone’ eligible to benefit from the various aspects of lifelong learning. Clearly this objective serves the interests of individuals and the wider European community. The real challenge to educators beyond the rhetoric is to formulate learning experiences that appeal to target learners, attracting and retaining participants up to and beyond the point where positive benefits are evident. Therefore, this project primarily aims to provide educators with learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches to deliver key competencies and basic skills such as literacy and languages. The main focus of the projecr is to increase the competencies of teachers in providing learners in adult education with the key essential skills they need for fulfillment in society. The project focuses especially on the development of methodologies around three existing bodies of knowledge and techniques, namely Creative Thinking, Informal Learning and ICT in the development of literacy and language skills, which are considered catalysts in today's European society and activation. The consortium includes public and private organisations representing adult education and higher education, all having good networks with contacts at, local, regional, national and European levels, providing a good geographical representation in Europe -UK: LEAP Ltd; DE: VHS Cham; HR: Faculty of Teacher Education; IT: Istituto comprensivo 10. A structured approach to the project development is planned based on shared collaborative principles through which partners will engage in a number of planned activities in order to achieve the following expected results: * a set of guidelines around the key principles of creative thinking; * a training package which includes a set of modules around the key thematic areas of creative thinking * 5 training /multiplier events/workshops in which selected staff will be trained around the key thematic areas of creative thinking * a compilation of good practice examples around the key thematic areas * a project portal which will include interactive training materials and a repository * multiplier events (1 in each country) as a tools for mainstreaming the project results and materials * DVD for raising awareness of the project tools/outputs and training materials * a professional development course plan for delivering of the project outputs even after the project officially ends. The project will impact in the short and long term on the ability of adult education providers, teachers, educators, trainers and learners as it aims to support changes directly into the wider educational community. We would hope that the project will impact on the educational community by providing: * Direct access to creative thinking methods and tools within with a European focus * Improve literacy and language learners to be better and more active in society and improve engagement levels, especially of those at risk of exclusion, by raising the educators skills and competences in providing effective learning situation for adults.
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