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Creative Strategic Foresight - Study Programme
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

According to EU education and training 2020, there will be a growing demand for jobs requiring capacities of adaptation and innovation. Creativity as a source of innovative ideas is admitted to be an essential element of intelligent growth. Yet creativity is too often used in teaching as an activity of self-expression rather than a strategic tool. Moreover the strong theory orientation and traditional ways of learning at the 3rd level may narrow students’ competences to become future professionals.To address the problem, Creative Strategic Foresight project will focus on developing and testing a study module which combines creativity with strategic thinking and applied research with education. The study module assists the 3rd level students, as future workforce, to develop their competences to foresee changes in business environment and become able to adapt and innovate. The project consortium consists of multidisciplinary universities which will provide the study module with pedagogically sound insights and evaluation methods in line with the LLP key competences and EU's E&T policies.The main outputs will be:-A research-oriented, creativity-based study module planned and tested within the project consortium. The English language study module involves researchers in teaching and students in research e.g. via experimental approaches. It utilizes learning platforms and social media. -A model how to combine research with education-A plan how to integrate the project results with the world of enterprisesThe outputs will be achieved via the following Milestones:1: Planning and developing the contents of the study module, including e.g. pedagogical and curricular issues2: Testing and finalizing the study module3: Dissemination and exploitation of the study module The main impact will be students’ increased competences to foresee changes in business environment and ability to adapt and innovate which will develop competitiveness of the new knowledge economy.

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