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Creative learning environments - schools building competences to lead and learn in a rapidly changing world (CreatLearn)
Start date: Dec 31, 2011, End date: Dec 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Rationale: 21st century requires the diverse talents of all people, realising their full potential to develop creative answers to complex problems. We need new approaches in education based on a broader conception of ability, promoting motivation and self-esteem, creative skills and individual aptitudes. CreatLearn is a South Baltic cooperation of 5 municipalities, their education administrations & pilot schools, art & culture NGOs, university and the UBC Commission on Education testing & implementing creative learning environments.Aims:To improve skills of teachers in South BSR – enabling them to lead and learn in a world requiring constantly improving skill setsTo foster open-minded interdisciplinary cooperation in key actors & target groupsTo develop inspiring learning environments in interdisciplinary class room projectsTo increase the motivation & achievement of students and their attitude towards lifelong learningTo enhance the creative vitality of South BSR as centre of international excellence in regional development and as attractive place to work and live Contents:The CreatLearn cooperation will take common action in: C1. Managing the project’s progress, achievements & reportingC2. Broad dissemination & multiplication activities towards key actors & target groups C3. Implementing creative learning approaches in school education around South BSRC4: Evaluation & multiplication of creative learning approaches in school education around South BSR Results:Community partnerships enriching creative education in schools around South BSR / Tools & methods to enhance creative & entrepreneurial skills in students & teachers / Good practice classroom projects as show cases & their evaluation / State of the art research & handbook on creative education / South-Baltic cross-border teacher trainings, multiplied on regional level / A lasting platform for interactive know-how exchange for teachers & school administrations in South BSR / Verified arguments for reforming education policy (bottom-up approach) - spread around South BSR– all being initials to change mind-sets of students, teachers, school managements, decision makers Achievements: 3 project progress reports were compiled and reimbursed. 3 steering group meetings took place. The 3rd SG meeting was combined with the final conference. The project progress and the finalisation of project activities were discussed and furthersteps planned by all partners. All partners were continuously presenting their project activities on and the Facebook group (CreatLearn) is also used for communication between partners as well as teachers and students. The website will function as resource centre even after the finalisation of the project. the project's third and fourth newsletter have been published on the website and distributed to target groups through the local partners (local and regional school- and cultural authorities, teachers, politicians, EU officials, youth, school and cultural officials). Partners also published information online and in local media about their project progress. The joint inspiration book “Teaching Courage” (EN) was finalised and published on PP1 and PP3 held evaluation and presentation conferences and gave presentations on the results of their class room projects which were implemented in the frame of the Creat Learn project. The post card campaign was also implemented and finalised with 550 postcards sent to politicians and decision makers. An exhibition was shown at the final conference of pictures from local school competitions which were carried out to find a winner picture to be shown as one of five on the common postcard.All partners continued their work in their established school arenas and met for network planning of class room project and implemented inspirational workshops. PP3, 4, 5 and 6 finalised the class room projects and had last workshops in the frame of CL. PP3 live performance at their evaluation conference. PP4 had the final presentation of project results for parents, civil servants and teachers took place in Rostock. PP5 implemented a fashion show at Prof.-Franz Bunke school Schwaan (DE) and Stomp workshops at Special School in Güstrow (DE). PP6 implemented 14 Visual Art workshops in the participating schools. All class room projects were finalised and Partners met for evaluation and reflexion meetings. PP1 evaluation meeting combined with local network meeting and workshop and held a joint presentation and evaluation conference. PP6 held an evaluation workshop with the 3 involved project schools Eskilstrupskolen Stubbekøbingskolen and Fjordskolen.The South Baltic art & culture expert pool was supported by all partners providing contact details of the cultural experts who have been working with in the project - published on as recommended experts for similar projects.PP1 Together with PP2 (Skola & Kultur) organised a local teacher training in the frame of the joint presentation and evaluation conference ("Konferensdag för estetiska lärprocesser"). PP3 held a local Seminar "Creative methods and environments for students' Civil education basics" PP4 and PP5 implemented their common International Teacher training seminar in Schwaan (DE) with participation of PP3 and PP6 as well as teachers and experts from Denmark, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden. The joint best practice incl. with 5 best practice reports from PP1, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6 was finalised as well as the multiplication of teaching material was finalised with 8 teaching toolkits from DE, DK, LT and SE. All are included in the Joint Inspiration book “Teaching Courage” and published on PP7 wrote the research report on the Kalmar CreatLearn work which is included in the Swedish Version of the Inspiration Book “Lära nytt, tänka nytt”. PP3 Partially translated Inspiration book 'Teaching courage', paper version given to project schools and teachers and also produced regional teaching materials. PP5 develop a methodology toolkit - "Handbuch für Lehrer - Ideen, Angebote und Hilfsmittel zur Förderung der Kreativität bei Schülern und einen sicheren Umgang mit dem Thema "Zivilcourage" für Lehrer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" which was uploaded on and distributed to teachers in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. The Final conference was implemented by PP6 and took place in Nykøbing F (DK) with participants from DE, DK, LT, PL & SE.
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  • 2007 - 2013 South Baltic (PL-SE-DK-LT-DE)
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