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Creative Learning Communities
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

Creative Learning Communities will empower the teaching of key competences (ref. European Reference Framework) in VET education with learners from groups at risk. The action will concentrate on key competence 7 - sense of initiative and entrepreneurship - and the notion of creativity within this. By creativity we intend the ability to develop new ideas (think divergently or laterally) and to resolve problems, plan and take risks (think convergently). The short-term targets will be VET trainers who work with learners from disadvantaged contexts and the learners themselves. New learning environments will be developed with (i) Creative Learning Communities manual for VET trainers with a guide on how to facilitate the acquisition of the creativity element in key competence 7, a (iii) toolbox for VET trainers. The products will be available in the partner languages (EN, AT, MT, PL, IT) in electronic + paper format. They will be created during three phases (i) Research & needs analysis -of partner country + target needs; (ii) Development & testing; (iii) Dissemination + Exploitation with CLC training courses in order to create multipliers in the VET field. The rationale behind this action is based on recent studies and recommendations connected to key competences and creativity: (i) Recognized importance of entrepreneurial training- New Skills for New Jobs: Action Now; (ii) Need to innovate and effectively teach key competence 7 focusing on competence building and not content; (iii) Importance of VET in disadvantaged contexts and the need for relevant tools; (iv) Need to stimulate creativity and develop concrete, applicable tools for this. CLCs will result in increased acquisition of key competence 7, thus enriching personal + professional capacities of learners, plus improve the effectiveness VET systems throughout Europe and VET trainers.
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