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Creative language teaching- motivating students
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Topic: Creative language teaching- motivating students Number of participants: 20 (one class) and 13 (in the other class) Form: 5th and 7th form (of the language class) ( 1st year and 3rd year of learning English; ) Title: English is not just a subject, it’s a passion ! Context, objectives and benefits:I did a project on resource-based learning, that is to say that I worked with the Circle Model. I included individualized learning sessions and games, songs, speaking tasks, pair and group work on a regular basis. The term resource-based learning implies that the pupils work on their own, choosing appropriate material offered to them. Moreover, and especially for that very reason, they are responsible for their learning process themselves. The teachers do not have their typical role (including “normal” teaching and giving instructions), but they should observe the pupils and try to support them individually. Therefore, resource-based learning is also a good method to include the good and the weaker students and to encourage and support them individually, so that all of them can benefit from it. As the students get a worksheet including many different activities, every learner type can try out new activities. In addition, working together with different partners can also increase the pupils’ own learning process. Pupils have to be creative and do different types of activities and games, alone, in pairs or even together in small groups. Therefore, we are not talking about normal and boring lessons, but about creative and very motivating lessons, which are fun and pupils enjoy them but they also learn a lot. In my opinion, they learn more that way. Last but not least, it can also have a lot of advantages for a future job, because it helps develop and increase abilities such as creativity, problem solving and team work. Furthermore, I would also like to find a school class in England that would be willing to write emails with my class. At the moment I'm still looking for a partner school in Brighton because my students and I are going to Brighton next year. This way my students could practise their English in a fun way and learn a lot at the same time. Writing to people their age is much more interesting and fun and, therefore, further motivates them to continue studying. If possible it would be great to include an exchange (one week or ten days) so that we could also meet and visit the English students and their country and vice versa. ( I did that with my Italian class this year) This way the students could perfect their English skills and learn more about the country, the people and their customs and traditions. Personally, I think that students will be really motivated, interested and enthusiastic about learning English. Teaching and learning the fun and creative way is the most important and best teaching method, because it is the only thing that really motivates students and turns the subject English into a passion ! Activities and methods: individual work, pair work, group work, vocabulary and grammar games (memory, duo, puzzles, board games,…) , songs, role plays, acting out dialogues, reading, listening, speaking tasks, writing tasks,…

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