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Creative Language-learning and Innovative Multicultural Activities Together in European Schools

The idea of our CLIMATES project comes from the need to fulfil one of the main objectives of the LLP programme: promoting early language learning in a multilingual Europe. Language is an integral part of our identity and the most direct expression of culture: it is through language that we socialise, that we organise our thoughts, that we transmit our cultural heritage. As we can read in the last “ A new Framework Strategy for Multilingualism”(2005), besides the 20 official languages of the Union, there are 60 or so other indigenous and non-indigenous languages spoken by migrant communities. It is this diversity that makes the European Union a common home in which diversity is celebrated, and where our many mother tongues are a source of wealth and a bridge to greater solidarity and mutual understanding. The CLIMATES project is aimed to promote “inclusive and motivating” language learning contexts for young pupils by enhancing their ability to communicate and co-operate with people across language and cultural boundaries. Through creative and innovative approaches (CLIL, cooperative learning, cooperative website 2.0), young pupils will cooperate to create a “survival kit” of materials referring to cultural identities and languages spoken in the partnership.
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