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Creative Industries Network Enables Regional Growth (CINERGY)
Start date: Dec 31, 2010, End date: Dec 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The core idea of the CINERGY project is to bring the Creative Industries (CI) and Traditional Industries (TI) together and facilitate the collaboration between them. In these creative meetings something new can happen and innovative products and services can emerge from the collaboration. The Cinergy project is not just about the creative industrise or the traditional industries - it is about what happen swhen they meet and how we make these meetings fruitful. Our target groups for the services ar eto be found both in the CI and TI sectors. Of special interest are intermediary brokers or broker functions, which we als need to identify and target in the project. The aim is to create better buiness opportunities, innovation capacity, competitiveness and employment in both sectors. The operational part of the project is organised in thre work pagages: 1) mapping of buisinesses adn collection of good practise 2) pilots for testing methodology and tools 3) mainstreaming the findings from the pilots for implementation in Creative Agencies. Within the project we have promised to carry out at least three pilots in each region with at least one business from TI and one from CI participating. We have also promised that there will be at least one Creative Agency in each of the partner regions – new or hosted in an existing organisation. When the project ends you will be able to find facilitators and brokerage services – one or more – in all partner regions helping businesses who want to explore the possibilities in creative crossover collaborations. To their help these functions will have the CINERGY Tool Kit with contacts and database links, good examples and inspiring success stories, training and workshop tools and much more. Achievements: Cinergy was a three year project aiming at development and growth through collaboration between traditional and creative industries. We have developed Creative Agencies in the three partner regions and created a joint web tool - the Cinergy Matchmaking for business collaboration. These two services will work as facilitators and brokers for creative meetings between businesses.One of the services develped in the project is the Creative Agency – new or part of already existing organisations working with business support.There are now one Creative agency in each of the three project partner regions. You can reach them through the hosting organisations:• Rapid in Derry• Kainuun Etu Oy in Kainuu• Västernorrland County Council in VästernorrlandThe Tool KitThe platform Cinergy Matchmaking is a Business to Business tool where you can register and tell others what you can offer other businesses or you can register and tell others what you need from them - or browse around, search and see what you can find out there.You don't even have to have a registered business. You can also be a freelancer, creator or an organisation - public, pivate or voluntary - who wants businesses to know what you can do for them or tell others what you can offer.So welcome to search or register on
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