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Creative Futures Programme

The Partnership is led by the University of Ulster supported by Dundalk Institute of Technology, Skillset and Adam Smith College, which has established a consortium of Scottish delivery partners. The partnership is supported by the Nerve Centre and Letterkenny Institute of Technology.The partners have identified a range of activities which will be delivered over a three year period across the eligible area. These are grouped around four specific Themes Theme 1: Intelligence GatheringTheme 2: Developing Networks of ScaleTheme 3: Skills DevelopmentTheme 4: Enterprise Development and Project FinanceTaking account of the Themes identified, the Partners will use their significant research capacity to conduct a baseline assessment and continual monitoring of the Creative Industries Sector in the eligible region to allow for up to date and dynamic development in the sector. This will be reviewed and benchmarked against the activities and performance of the industry against identified global exemplars on an on going basis. The intelligence gathered will be used to update all the other activities of the programme.
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